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Sterkfontein Dam – 17 – 20 March


I was fortunate enough to be able to take my family to Sterkfontein Dam for a short break and would like to share with you all what a fantastic trip we had. I joined Sealine just before this trip and was hoping to get some info on the dam. This proved harder than I thought so I though someone might like this report.


Accommodation was at the chalets in the Sterkfontein Nature Reserve which was very comfortable and very cheap. Were talking R450 per night for a 4 sleeper. The chalet had DSTV (I would have preferred it didn’t) and was fully fitted. The towels were old but we had our own but pretty much everything else you could want was there. The chalets are located close to the water but on a small hill which meant we had to setup on top of a hill which was about 8m above the water. Luckily there was a good path on both sides of our rods which we could walk down to land our fish. At the bottom we could not ask for better with crystal clear water and a flat rock sticking out into the water allowing us a great spot to land our fish.


Weather was not the best on the first day which was clear but very windy. The wind was blowing on shore creating some waves making it unpleasant to land fish. For the rest of the trip we had great weather and very little wind, allowing me to get our fishing ski into the water and try for some bass.


The water was very deep so fishing was close. At first I started by casing 50m but my daughter was only casting about 30 and she caught more fish so I started casting 30m as well and my tempo picked up right away. When we launched the ski I realized why. At 30m the average depth was about 10 -15 m but at 50m it was as deep as 30m


Plenty of rocks so we did get stuck quite a few times but were able to get many of them out by using the ski.


Bass fishing was dead in the area around the chalets and did not even have a single take. This surprised me as the area had great rock formations and some good grass beds that would be ideal for bass.


Small Mouth Yellow fish were seen in good numbers and were feeding off the surface on a yellow and black beetle. Between my daughter and I we landed quite a few good yellows with Nicole getting the biggest at 2kg.


Muddies were plenty full and kept us busy for our whole stay. They took anything and everything from Bollies on hair rigs to plain SWD. We started off sweet and later moved to strong dips like TCP and GG but they took it all. Quickest pickup was strawberry dip with a drop of FX and Banana floatie with a SWD backing as hook bait. Average pickup time on this bait would be 5 to 10 minutes.


Carp were no where to be seen. I had heard of the big carp in Sterkfontein and I was hoping to get one. At night the muddies would go off the bite from about 20h00 so we put out large baits but the yellows would pick them up very quickly. We even tried a double boillie but this was taken by a 2kg SM yellow caught by Nicole.

Barbels were around but not in big numbers. On the first night I put out a day old chick and caught a 7.15kg barbell. This was the only barbell for the trip as the next day I put out a Muddie but I think I put it out too far and did not get a touch on it for the 26 hours it was it. I then went back to the day old chick which kept me on my toes only to find that the sinker was stuck and the moment the barbell picked up the chick it would feel the line stuck and drop it. So the whole night I was getting plenty of short runs but no good pick ups. I could have screamed the next morning when I realized what had happened. 


I would recommend this fishing trip to anybody who is interested. Although only my oldest daughter and myself fish, my whole family had a great holiday and we are all looking forward to our next trip.


PS: the birding is also excellent, and there was a family of dussies living less than 120m away from our chalet. Wildlife that was seen on a regular basis was Black Wildebeest, Blessbuck, Zebra and Springbok.     


Welcome to Sealine BushBaby

And thank you for the time taken to write this nice report

I am far from there, but what the hell, water is water!

I am sure many guys will thank you tomorrow!

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Nice report, well done on the catches and thanks for sharing. Would really like to take the boat there soon.


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Awesome Stuff. I'll be there from the 2nd to 6th April. Hopefully the weather will be good and will actually catch something this time^^..


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Hi There - Fantastic report and likewise i battled to get info before we went up. I fished the first week in march and had a lovely trip as well. Fished from the chalet as well jus the mornings and from 3 to 7pm in the evening.

As long you kept to the feeding spot i always got fish and some beautiful yellows, infact all were yellows which were safely released and no muddies,barbel and the elusive bass and carp. Tried morning and evening for bass but not a bite.

A beuatiful place to enjoy with the family, very peaceful with lovely views. Staff were very helpfull and friendly and very safe for the kids to go out and wonder around.

I stayed at chalet 10 and lookind at your pic you were further up as i walked the entire bank trying for bass and kurper. If fishing for carp i was told to try the camp site as its called sandy bay. I did go have a look and the place looked ideal with sandy bottom and grass and reeds forming the shoreline, ideal for carp n bass.

We will be going up there again but after winter as it gets really cold up there. Hopefully we will get some big carp n a few bass.


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:welcomesea: and as mentioned great report, do they have a launch site there for Boat? and do you have the contact numbers for booking a spot.




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Hi Gone.Fishing4 and sorry for the delay in reply.

Yes they have as launch site but its not by the cabins, but close to the camping area. The biggest problem if staying in the cabins with a boat is that you will have to take your boat in and out each day as there is no way you could tie up your boat close to any of the cabins. Contact details to book a cabin is Sterkfontein Nature Reserve on 0586223520 or 0828397532. Hope this helps.


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I have been going to Sterkfontain Dam for the past 15yrs now, we use to catch many carp, but in the past 5yrs we haven't caught any carp. The story that i heard was that the bass have been eating the carp when they are still little. Thanks for the report it was great, when fishing at the Sterkfontain Dam i recommend that u only use marshmallow floaties, i always have had success with that and caught many big Yellows, the biggest 3.7kg for me and my dad a 4.8kg yellow. Also feed the spot where u fishing, i suggest using mavovo(i think thats how its spelt), also as you mentioned, you do not need to cast to far as the water is deep.

Hope this helps!::tight:::tight:


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Hey guys,

I have been fishing Sterkfontein dam for around 20 years now. I am from natal and this was the best stretch of water to fish.

I now live in JHB and fish the vaal as often as possible.
It is only now that I realise how different your approach to the vaal dam as opposed to sterkfontein has to be in comparison.

My last visit to Sterkfontein dam was on the weekend of the 5th Dec. I managed to land 8 nice yellow fish for the weekend. All ranging from 2kgs - 3.5kgs.
I caught 2 lovely carp weighing 4.2kgs and 7.5kgs.

I am heading there this weekend 30 Jan.

Carp angling in Sterkfontein is a little more difficult because the water is so clear.

The trick is to camouflage your trace. Make it look as natural as possible or as similar as the water bed.


Exactly how for is the boat launch, and is it still in the premise or will you be pay other entrance per day? Please assist.