Salt water fly fishink Kwa Zulu Natal ( Richards Bay )


Good day fellow casters.

16 years ago I stopped fly fishing in the Richards Bay area, I stopped fly fishing altogether.

This December, after the Xmas rush I purchased a fly 9 weight explorer guide II fly rod from Bassil manning Richards Bay as well as an 8-9 guide III reel also by explorer (found out its discontinued) I ordered nine weight intermediate line by SA (scientific anglers) absolute awesome line.

16 - 20 years plus ago I tied my own flies and tried everything from every piece of literature available to me at the time ( no youtube! And google were unknown to me at the time) Eventually I found patterns which enabled me to start taking fish on a regular basis.

This time around I was eager to start tying flies again, I realized as you get older and tried all and kept the good things in life, we tend to steer towards the things that provides a sort of therapy whilst stimulating the creativity within.

I found out to my disgust that flyfishing and saltwater gear in particular (tying material) has become very scarce compared to 16 plus years ago when it was the local craze.

I eventually stumbled upon Frontier Fly Fishing's website and to my delight, everything I remembered was available to me on a page in my own lounge....... The rest is self-explanatory!

I was given a box of fly tying material by my good friend Riaan van Wyk.

I tied some of the patterns I could remember and hopped on my ski Vee to the south of our harbor and started fishing around the finger piers, my third cast and the SA fly line stopped dead in between my thumb and index finger before the fly line started fluttering out of my stripping basket
It was a bigeye kingfish, after that the fish started getting hungry for my flies and I was filled with a wonderful feeling of nostalgia with every strike.

after speaking with a couple of guys about the state of fly fishing in our harbor and Zululand coast the general consensus was that " the bay is dead on the fly " ..........
I beg to differ!!

I thought I'd share this short story with you all about my refound fondness of "tight loop" flyfishing fishing.

Enjoy the Richards Bay harbor with me on some not so good edited cell phone video series on youtube. Anyone is welcome to contact me for more info on the bay for fly fishing on 0763166936