Sa Green Flouro powder


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I bought S.A green flouro powder in a tub and want to know if it actually works and what is the best way in using it effectively?_seal1_



SA powder is basically custard with floro and icing sugar.
It works as it creates a cloud where your bait lands that for the fish looks like other fish feeding.
Plus the sweet custard is a good smell/bait for carp.

The way you use it is basically take your complete rig with mieliebom already on and your hook baits and dip it into the sa powder covering everything.
When it lands in the water you will see the green splash it creates.


you can as well it just releases slowly as your mieliebom dissolves instead of as it hits the water.

It works pretty well in the vaal dam but can call allot fo small fish especially small yellow fish.