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Yes, i do that too. use tin foil over a side plate.i then also heat it on the foil. more bubble disappear. also works great for when the epoxy is starting to thicken on the foil. makes it thinner again.


Other than what has already been mentioned.

I prefer Threadmaster as I stopped using flex coat. It just gives a more superior finish IMO. Easier to work with too.

Not sure on costs. If you order from Mudhole, then there is very little if any cost difference between TM and FC. Prokote cheaper.

If you want a longer potlife and better levelling from your epoxy then you have 2 options.

For example.

If you normally use 8ox flexcoat or other epoxy.
Get 4oz high build and 4oz lite.
Mix 50% lite and 50% high of each part.

Eg. If mixing 2 cc of each.
Pour 1cc lite hardener and 1cc hardener high build into mixing cup and same with resin. You will get the benefits of both into one.

You could do the same with other epoxies too. Less bubbles.

Try mixing different brands with each other. Prokote and TM. FC and TM. Etc.

Good luck and post some work sometime, would love to see it.

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Thank You GrootVis.
ive done some more research and do you find Threadmaster, when 100% cure, is still a bit soft. ie. it scratches easily. this is just something i would like to know from "horses mouth" so to speak.
i have not built many rods, i re did a bass rod i have, finished two rods my dad started, and build one "boat/paddle-ski rod" i dont even know what blank it is.
i also am currently building two 8' rods, one for my wife, and one just because i have the blank :) but the one is a monster of a rod!!

This is the Boat/paddle ski rod.


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Beautiful looking rod. Thank you for sharing.

No. I don't find it too soft at all. Softer also not always a bad thing. More flexibility means less cracking.

Research the different epoxies. Use their best attributes and combine. Thread master takes ever so slightly more to cure which is better. It has longer potlife. Prokote is more flexible. Aftcote more durable. Imy only using TM but you can experiment until you find what works for you. Nothing wrong with flex coat either. We all do our epoxy differently so you must find what works best for you. I do prefer the clarity of TM.


As a last note. Don't attempt to remove bubbles in the mixing stage or pre application stage. Remove them once applied with heat. Mine looks like a froth most times when mixed. The only thing to be mindful of is getting the viscosity right before applying. Thick epoxy doesn't allow bubbles to reach the surface.

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Thank GrootVis.
Where do you get your TM from?
im very concerned about bubbles. the big ones are easy. its those hundreds of tiny ones that clump together that annoy me... and i mix Slowly... like it takes me about 3 seconds to make a circle in the mix about the size of a 1 Rand coin... still get bubbles.....


I order from Mudhole.

Drop me a Pm on how you apply your epoxy and maybe I can shed some pointers to help.

We coming up to cooler weather so that doesn't help but any help I can offer I will.



Hi Guys - I am looking for a source of SiC guides in SA. That would be Fuji K-Series Double-Foot Casting & Spinning Guides Model KW. Any info would be appreciated!


Hi guys

Been looking around for Craig (Enigma). Need some advice and a quote for complete set of guides for my 14 Shimano Technium rod. Damn guides have started rusting where the epoxy stops against the guides' feet and flip-up guide's outer ring broke off. The manufacturers mos don't cover the whole area with epoxy. Only the thread.
I sent him a pm over the weekend but no response yet. Can anyone provide me with his business e-mail address?

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Hows it Kaspaas.
i can help too. i am in midrand. JHB.
i focus on Bass rods.
Whats app me on 08 three 4144067

ill send you some of my work.