Rhenosterkop carp

Rudolph G

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Hi all i have been trawling the forums. We had a fish at rhenosterkop in january and caught nice 3kg karp with good fights. But could not get anything above 3.7kg. I would like to know
1. Are there big carp in the dam DD.
2. When last has someone caught one and where
3. What baits and rigs were used.

We used rietvlei one hook. We caught on everything garlic fruity strong. Tigernut boilie and deegie.



I've caught quite a few over 10kg but with all the trees in the water you need rough tackle. We caught the carp on Paternoster rigs we put out for catfish with 0.35mm hook lines and #4 9555 Baitholder hooks.

Rudolph G

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Yes, last time we were there guys packing up had about 15 in the net. Nice size. We only go for carp so did not even bother.