Reasons For And How To Prevent Sea Sickness


kk, get your hands on some ASICS they should sell them to you over the counter, they give them to the ladies for morning sickness, it is the best take two at night and you will be sharp, I have been using them on the charter clients for years they really do work wonders!!!



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Torpedo Jack wrote:
 If you still struggle with motion sickness, ask your doctor to prescribe you some "Epanutin" (phenytoin sodium) capsules.  

TJ, you are so right on! The phenytoin is really a miracle drug. Have suggested it to countless people who coulnd't find a remedy that works, and no-one who has ever taken it got sea sick afterwards.

Only drawback is that it is shcedule 4, but worth the visit to your GP! (My GP uses it herself for diving)


SANDOZ Cinnarizine 25. R25 for 10 tabs.

What I like about them is that I only take them when I feel the wooziness coming on.

Man I've caught a ton of snoek on the commercials of Kalk Bay, my pocket money job. 8 times out of 10 I'm 100% but the all of a sudden, bait smell, diesel fumes and the swell and I'm a nil on a contract, even with a wide open bite and all 3 snoek lines going tight at once.

Does make me a bit drowzy but but the beauty is that you only need take it if you feel the seasickness in onset.
reviving a old post.
but lets hear from the men in their green jackets?

What have they done, to overcome being green.

when I started offshore... I use to take some pills.
the pills was strugeron.
taking to many caused 1 to be drowsy!!!!

with me, the need to fish off shore was much bigger then calling George......
I did at times go green, and with the drowsiness I decided, that screw the pills.

I gave them all up, what I do is....... have a good breakfast, and I try to keep it dry.

once on the boat we tend to keep the jaws moving.... all the time.
this has helped me tremendously, to such a point that becoming sea sick is a thing of the past.

at times the mozzies do get to me, hulle stink wragtig!!!!

wife and daughter and mother went on a boat cruise to cape town....
mother and daughter went green and my advise was 1 thing.....and that was to eat and keep the tummy full.
after doing that they felt much better and that was the last for the trip.

my suspicion is that the fluid which makes you green comes from your inner ear area, with a empty tummy this will cause you to feel nausea and go green.
but if the tummy is full, then all that fluid will be diluted and the effect will not be so bad.

currently we eat some pretzels etc, which is quite dry.

it works for us, lets hear what works for you?


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Good one

I dont get sick myself but took a guy with me once. he was so scared of being seasick he started puking the day before. He recons he is so bad with motion sickness that he cant even be a pasenger in a car. So the big day arrived and he took Cinnamon. and not once did he turn green. first time i heard of cinnamon for seasickness. well it worked for him one big dry tablespoon of cinnamon 30 min before launch. dont choke ha ha ha.



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I am lucky not to get sea sick as well. I however do believe that most people doesn't get sea sick and that it is more in the mind than anything else.

Okay let me go a bit back in time... My first time i went out onto the ocean i was about 10, had a lovely trip for the first 30 min and then spent the next 4 hours green and promising the skipper that I will wash his boat every day for the rest of my life if we can just go back to the harbor. Never-less he only laughed at me and told me to continue feeding the fishes...

Never went back onto the ocean again till I was 21. Having done my scuba diving course before that I now knew what the ocean looked like under me out deep.

This lead me to believe that people who do not experience any form of sea sickness on land should not get sea sick. Thus I believe it is something of " fear of the unknown " and the vulnerability of being on a small boat out on the ocean. I think that to an extent some people become uncomfortable out on the ocean and that their heads starts telling them that they are sea sick to the point that the do get sea sick in the hopes to return back to land and be "safe" again.

I truly believe that a lot of people honestly do get sea sick , but for most it is all in the head.

Thus it is important to be educated and understand the boat and ocean in order to be confidently aware on the ocean. Also it is up to the skipper to make someone in this position to feel as comfortable and safe as possible.



What remedy I can share which is possibly the best option if you suffer from seasickness is:

'Go sit under a tree'




If you feeling ralph comming on, keep looking up at the horizon or at land. Even when baiting up, lift your hands up and bait up at eye level with land or the horizon in the back ground.

Looking down at the deck or below gunnel level is a sure way to toss your breakfast if you prone to sea sickness.

All these home remedies of consuming ginger and cinnamon only makes your regurgitated chum taste spicy.

I've had a few mates fish with me who have chummed abit, but they now take over counter drugs and seem ok.


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I've tried countless pills to no avail, even ate ginger pills. No way is it in the mind, at Ponta last year I started puking while getting a hiding from a YFT. My mind was definitely not on being sick at that point. My late father was a Master Mariner and he thought it was extremely amusing. Funny though I traveled from the UK to Durban on his ship (28 days) and was only sick fro the first few hours. I also get carsick if I'm not driving.From now on I will stick to terra firma, the more firma the less terra.


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On myfirst ever ski boat outing I said three words. The skipper said "are you alright?" ? I said "Yes". Six hours later he said "we are going in ". I said "" thank God".
I get narcoleptic if I am not driving haha, can't recall how many times when I was a kid and I missed my busstop or trainstop as I was out for the count after trying my hardest not to pass out..if a window is dirty or a low angle sun is flickering or strobing through some trees, it is impossible for me to keep conscious unless I am driving. Luckily on the sea the sickness went away after the first few times and at sea, I am so fired up that I can fish through the night and not fall asleep, real ginger sweets help with others with queasiness, also the looking at the horizon and for me a doobie kept it all A-OK. Don't get seasick anymore for years, it goes away soon enough it you hammer it into submission.
Not recommended unless it's your chosen poison though haha..It helps to have a good tolerance, don't think about it if you don't have any tolerance. :) :rasta::hippy1:

Fish also seem to be attracted to like the vibration man! :sf::::merm::hippy1::wfish


Well its used for medicinal purposes to fight cancer, why not for medicinal purposes to fight sea sickness. Court case won ;)


I read this thread just before my recent trip to Mozam. My prior offshore trip on the South Coast had me a neon green and begging the skipper to take me back to land barely an hour after launching.

As is always the case, I packed at the last minute and completely forgot to get any meds for this trip. However I did remember a few things from this thread

1) It's all in the head, being overly anxious contributes to the sickness
2) Ginger
3) Alcohol

We did 5 straight morning trips and the first morning I recall being very nervous about the day ahead. I tried to relax and my strategy was to position myself on the boat so that I can stare at land while trolling. I also limited my time trying to tie knots and swap out lures, rather delegating this to the gillie. 4 hours into the trip we found a nice reef and decided to get into some popping action. The nature of popping and drifting obviously means that my focus is taken off land, trying to sort out one or 2 tangles and eventually after about 45 min of popping I could feel the green monster coming on.

At this point I had two heaves and decided to sit the rest of the session out and rather focus on land again. We then started trolling again on our way back and focus on land again, didn't feel too sick.

The very next day, I was no longer nearly as nervous or anxious about going out and although I was still battling to tie my own knots and swap lure(s) I managed to make it through the entire session and day.

By days 3, 4 and 5- I was tying my owns knots, swopping out split rings, putting stingers on plugs, filming on the go pro etc. I felt like a complete new person, with zero fear or feeling of sea sickness

- I can definitely say that limiting alcohol intake the night before helped
- Focusing on land
- The mind also plays a big role, as soon as I stopped fearing "being sea sick" I stopping being sea sick. The body definitely felt like it had adjusted to being on the sea by day 3, so in in other words just push through day 1 (if you are lucky enough to have multiple trips planned on the same holiday)
- Stay away from bottom fishing or trying to tie your own knots while drifting. Rather man up to the skipper, gillie or your fishing mate before launching and inform them that you will need help swopping out rigs, baits etc Once the green monster sets in, it is extremely difficult to undo until you get back to land.


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Earlier this year we had a charter guest onboard. He assured us this was not his first deepsea trip.

After 30min of trolling the man turned pale and began to hurl. 10 minutes later he said that he wants to go lay down abit. He made himself comfortable at the skippers feet.. next moment the rod made zinnnngggggg. We shouted at him , he jumped up and pulled in a decent yellowfin tuna.Straight afterwards he was on his back again.

On our way back we still joked with him that we are going to catch bottoms now. In the harbour his girlfriend was waiting for him. He posed with his fish and photos was taken by her. He assured her that he enjoyed the day and will be back next year.

So on that day the man fed the ocean, caught a fish and had a that's what we call valvue for his money.
Day 1 on the ocean is always a guaranteed feeding frenzy for me. It gets much better on day 2 and 3. Tried endless meds, day 1 nothing works. Does anyone know about Kwells tablets? They are only available in the UK. Got the info from a friend that knows someone that battles badly with motion sickness and it works for them


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