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With a very successful National event behind us, the new management have stepped into the new season with a promise to make RASSPL  AFRICA a support system to its individual Franchisees and Principals by creating  an organization for South African Anglers to be a part of and enjoy within its growth that will come at a vast pace.


In a final discussion on 08 May 2014, Mr Dickensen admitted that after 3 years of giving Rasspl his life, it was hard to let go and that his enthusiasm for the concept and brand has been engrained inside of him, but that he understood it was time to let go and enjoy what Rasspl can offer him in the future, not only for himself, but also for his son who is showing signs of becoming a champion angler in the near future.


Saying, “there is no one better to run Rasspl than Mike Pautz and I know that what I have created is in the best hands possible, and my trust for Mike comes in the highest form of respect for whom he is as a person,  and what he has done and achieved for South African Anglers over the last 39 years”. Mr Dickensen made it clear that all he wanted was for Rasspl to become a product for his fellow anglers to enjoy, one that would bring a turning point in South African Angling, not only for those who already participated in its National events, but for those guests that would join in the years  to come.


“I am happy to let go” said Mr Dickinson. “I know it’s in the right hands and I will always be here to assist in any way I can”.  “Thank you for a very well run event which I enjoyed fishing in” he said, “it was a pleasure to walk the beaches and attempt my goal at the No 1 position without the pressure of everything that needed to be done in the daily organization for the tournament, it was such a pleasure”.


With the new Title of “RASSPL AFRICA”, Mike and his team have already made headroads within the organization and been hard at work with the development and growth of Rasspl and the future.  With members joining from all areas, the workload has become time consuming, but with all the help from the new team and the enthusiasm, it was all made lighter, leaving Mike to concentrate on the forthcoming events and the Franchises.


Currently, the website has taken up a complete facelift and will become live and active on Monday 11[suP]th[/suP] May 2014 with the addition of the individual franchise Icons, including the all new “RASSPL Forum”, which will be a mainstream on-line chat facility with top of the range upload facilities for all its members to enjoy.



The new owners, Mike, Andre and Shawn wish to thank Mr Dickensen, and ensure him that Rasspl is in good hands and that the fishermen, its members and the care of the South African Marine and its Coastline will be the focus and a top priority for the future of RASSPL.