Prawn pump

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You can now also pump with a D.I.Y. 3 part plastic bottlehead pump comprised of:

a reed plunger rod,

bottlehead plunger (from, say, 2.25L coke bottle) attached by friction,

p.v.c. pipe (40mm, 50mm, 63 mm are common p.v.c. sizes)

(bottle head example: top section of 2.25L coke bottle)

The cap's screw on thread, on the bottle head, must face skywards when pumping. The larger opening of the plunger hence faces downwards.

If using conduit, wrap some p.v.c tape around one end till bottlehead fits tightly by friction. Seal conduit, top or bottom, with Zenith buff sealer tape or just use rubber "kitchen table leg sock"

It takes me between 2 to 30. minutes to cut bottle head with scissors, preferably a scissors with sharpened cutting edge. End result is always mind blowing perfect. Well worth the effort.

Get into the habit of inserting the "prawn pump stick" from the top of p.v.c. cylinder. Just hold a bit skew till it starts to slide in.

Easiest pump will be 40 mm thin walled. I stick to Marley p.v.c if possible. Not necessary though, as I even pump using old offcuts of goodness knows what make of p.v.c. pipe.

I made for 40mm, 50mm, 63mm (the classic blue), 75mm (only to see if I could. Do not pump with it. Not neccessary. Use thinner cylinders)

I tried multiple times to put videos on YouTube. They all end up on the shelf. First time this pump was listed as the coke bottle prawn pump, in 2020.

I have many many many inventions. I found it is harder for me to get one idea out than a thousand during half hour of lecturing as a student. Old ways die hard, I guess. (The good old resistance to change phenomena that so many books have written about)

It was really fun communicating with chatGPT on this pump. He/She / It was clueless. It had ZERO experience or knowledge of the bottlehead prawn pump nor any of my other fishing inventions.

However, i would not program code anymore without chatGPT. Never ever again, infact. Unless there is no more electricity...

Good luck.


The first coke bottle head prawn pump I built was actually turned into a watergun immediately. It was the 40th plunger material I had ever tried. By then I had already spent more than R 15000 in my pursuit of a simpler and effective prawn pump. That was infact money I had whilst waiting for a quote to repair my car. I waited 2 weeks and then decided to start using it in my relentless pursuit of a simple prawn pump that anyone could afford.

Car remains broken until this day.]

George Blom

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Here are 3 links to videos on YouTube.

I see it's easiest to search for video with:
"bottlehead pump" in YouTube.

You can see same technology here but for "zink plug"

Oh and bottlehead often served as good handline. Also to mount on bushes.

Bottlehead also used as golf T in street golf (on way to lagoon)

I have many samples of plunger rods.

I will have to search for photos, or simply make new ones.



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