Pitch. What size pitch prop to use.


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I have change my 60 yammies 2 stokes to 60 Suzuki 4 strokes.
Yammies was running on 13 1/4 x 17 props. 3 blades
Suzuki's is running on 11 x 17 props. 3 blades. The Suzuki's cavitate quickly. Motors fully trimmed in. I do about 16-18knots at 4000rpm.
We were 4 people aboard with 150lt of fuel.
I need to know if there is anybody running a buttcat/supercat/supreme craft with Suzuki's and what pitch setup you have. The suzuki's are mounted 25mm lower than the yammies and cannot go lower on the transom.
My gut feel says go for x16 pitch.
Only comment on similar setup please.


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Chat to Donovan from oceanlifecharters.co.za - his username is Mahi mahi on the forum

He had a 520 super cat with 60 zuks