Perch in local Dam


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I went to a local dam in Roodepoort yesterday and picked up some bass, 400 - 700gr.

I was surprised when this bugger took the line, felt like a bass but when I landed him I got this. he was round the 800g mark.

Now some said this is a peacock bass and not a perch, I do not know as it was my first one of this kind.


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I promise that whoever said that has never caught either a peacock bass nor a perch :)

Anyway, it is indeed a perch... did you find it a surprise how rough their scales are?


There used to be plenty in Florida lake, not sure if they are still there. They take lures but I found that they really like a live baby bass, or even a dead one.


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Quite lively little fish, very common here in australia and I've had a few on worms and small spinners.
Prized in the UK, and very good to eat


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yes I did, I must say that was the first on my list and also must say its a beautiful fish, the colours and stripes. so I can tick that off my list lol

What "other" fish are there to be caught in our local dam's?


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Tnx Enigma.

Have never even heard of those but will google them to see what they look like,

They also caught on spinner bait?


A pic for the guys who don't know what a tench look like.
This fish was caught by me in the UK.


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Tench..... Afrikaans .... Seelt

Somerset West in a few farm dams and then the middle to lower Breede River

There have been a post or 2 with pics of some very Dark, almost Black Tench caught in the Breede

Perch mostly localised to the West Rand dams, there were some in Homestead many years ago, don't know if they are still there


You can add Koi, Goldfish, Silver carp and Nile and Israel tilapia... But in urban dams like Florida lake, Wemmer Pan ect there is always the possibility of catching a 'easter egg' - which is basically any type of aquarium fish that's been discarded by it's owner illegally, but they get picked off by predators very quickly because they stand out from the rest, and if they do manage to avoid predators, they will die off during the colder winter months, but regardless it's highly unlikely that you'll catch them because most aquarium fish are so small. There are a few that thrive in SA like Guppy, Swordtail, Molly, Platy in the warmer regions and Red tail Tetra throughout SA (limited to where they've been released) and Western Mosquitofish which is regarded as one of the most invasive species in the world and throughout all of SA.