Pennant tailed suckermouth??


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I noticed some rocks in the stream have been grazed clean in short little stripes so I stuck on a mask and had a look around and caught 2 of these little guys. They are quite friendly and immediately latch on to your skin and you can feel their teeth as they get a grip on you. I didnt notice any dorsal fin and the skin is slippery making an ID in Skeltons book is turning out difficult in this case. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks!!


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Yea it does rather.....

Hahahaha!! But it doesnt behave like a tadpole at all.

It has teeth and it grazes sections of rock I found one climbing up rocks against falling water in the rapids under a little waterfall.... Is there a way i can post a video on here?

....its a mean tadpole if it is one!!! Lol!



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Yes it does look alot like a tadpole


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Def a tadpole! Not too sure which species of frog it belongs to, obviously one that breeds in fast flowing streams hence the need to adapt to sucking onto rocks and so avoid being washed down river! Very cool though!