Nanofil for med-heavy fixed spool surf casting - which knot ??

Dr Dropshot

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To all the knot specialists out there has anyone tried using the 17kg or 22kg Nanofil for surf fishing with a fixed spool reel? If so which knot is the most successful and easiest to tie to a 80 to 100lb braided leader that will give you close to 100% strength.

I have succesfully used the 25lb nanofil 0.20mm with a 5000 size reel and used 50lb spider wire as a braid leader very succesfully (scratching set up) with an improved albright  - The nanofil and spider wire have a similar flat profile and seem to interconnect with each other. I havent had a knot break using the improved albright ( 8turns) , the 20lb trace leader breaks first. I utilise the same setup to spin as well and it works well as it prevents the slight fraying that the nanofil gets (where the coating comes off on continuous casts).

The problem with using 17kg or 22kg nanofil is finding a 80 to 100lb braid leader with the same properties as spider wire. I havent found one yet. A normal HMP or 100lb JDB braided leader is alot smoother than spider wire and I am afraid that it will pull through , will the FG knot work on a nanofil to braided leader connection? Does anyone use the FG knot for normal braid to braided leader connection ? Perhaps a slim beauty ?

Any ideas from any of the knot gurus. I love using nanofil as it is a superb casting line with zero wind knots hence the reason for my question. Dont want to buy a R 500 braid and have problems with knot tying, hence the questions.

I am currently using JDB 40lb (8strand) with 100lb JDB leader (8 strand) - use a double uni connection on this succesfully. Would love to try the nanofil to get better distance . Any one with any info on this subject matter - your input will be welcome.

NB: I have also noticed that the recommended nanofil knot ( double albright ) is not as strong as an improved albright (single strand). The double albright always parts where the nanofil meets the knot. Also from what I have learnt nanofil doesnt like half hiches as well , its possible that the nanofil cuts against itself. Not sure though just my opinion.


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hi ...

Currently use the 17kg nanofil with the PR knot and FG knot sucessfully.... If you use the FG, ensure that you use a great number of wraps as the nanofil is really smooth and pulls through....