Namibia in October


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Hi guys
We're planning a trip to Nam in October and need some advice where possible. This will be our first time and probably won't do it again very soon so would really appreciate some advice from the sealine community where possible.
We will be travelling with 3 vehicles which 1 of is only a 2x4. This trip will be for 14 days kicking off from the west coast. There will be 3 men (All focused on fishing :cool:) and the wives. So the trip must be focused between fishing and sight seeing and the fact that 1 of the vehicles are not 4x4 so no dune driving or "off the beaten path". This trip can consist of a mix of self catering and camping, as we would like the all round experience
So my questions are as follow.....
1 - How far up north can we go considering the 2x4 vehicle. We can still get in the 4x4 for a days fishing from a point of camping or self catering.
2 - Is there anyone that will be able to help put together an itinerary for me who I can contact (Sorry, just don't know where to start really)
Any suggestions of routes and fishing spots are also welcome.
Thank you guys in advance