Mussel Cracker

Howzit Guys,

Here are pics of some cracker on the wreck of the Paquita, sorry about the quailty, they frame grabbed from a vid and it was filmed on a day with about 1.5m vis.

Hopefully more to come soon.


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Hey R.J,

Where u been hiding cuzzie? We must go throw a line in sometime...Need some expert guidance in catching those Gallies!


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the heads is good that time of the year, the water is cooler, less algal blooms and definately best visibilty. There always seems to be about 2 musselcracker on and about the wreck.
Also dive the lagoon and find some seahorses.
try to dive neap tides, the current in and out is much less and divewindow is greater
Only Problem with the wreck is, that its a reserve...So unless you planning on shooting the cracker there with a camera, i wouldn't rate its a good idea.

We have been diving coney glen a lot lately and haven't seen anything, to be honest the guys that have fished that area haven't caught decent fish there in a while, apart from the odd leerie in the summer months and a Steenie in winter. IN winter when the swell starts pushing in that area its undivable anyway.


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Have never dived at Knysna but Swartvlei Sedgefield is my spot and we always get something good.So many spots on the west side...