Mud Skipper

Mad Mac

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Hi All.
I have been shopping around for small boat for fishing, about 3m, cathedral hull.
One that appears to fit the profile is known as mud skipper.
It seems that it is 3.2m in length.
I have googled all over the place to find the boat builder that makes them. No luck.
Does anyone on this forum know builds the mudskipper?
See pic



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El Saddai use to build them. Also called a Spider Boat (Jon Boat in the US = flat bottomed boat, not a mono hull). Spider and Mud Skippers are cathedral / Tri-hulls.

I've heard that El Shaddai was sold and their Flamingo boats are sold by Nauti Tech and the Spider boats are built by FJ Fiberglass. Can be found and ordered on Marketplace. FJ Fiberglass in George.