I off the Mtunzini for the weekend of 25 Jan 2013
Booked and paid for -done

Any one wants to join in are more than welcome.
I-my family are takeing the tent and booked in at Umlalazi in the KZN park there.
Any one who wantas to join in for the fun weekend, please do so.
I here that the Diamaon d are starting the thing there.


The water was lekker brown.Starting to clear a bit on Sun.
I spent more time with my son and helping him.
My daughters boyfriend got some nice pompanos and a sandie of the main beach.
We mainly fished the river with only small thing coming out.
Sunday we fishsed the surf on the main beach. Looks like there was a postal also going as there were a lot of chaps there.
There were a few cob that came out - to small to mention but there must be bigger ones around.

Will def go back, soon also.Didint get an diamonds thou.
Hope U have a lekker trip. let us know how it goes.

Andre Laas

Howzit Pieter.... was nice bumping into you at Mtunzini. Still cant believe they want to mine that area, it will be a huge loss. Our species tally for the week-end was 9, albeit juvenile fish, we had a ball on ultralight tackle in the river! It remains one of our favorite areas to visit!

Guys KZN wildlife have a special running at some of their lodges where you get one night free if you pay for two!


hi guys i'm planning a trip to mtunzini in the next 2 weeks, can anyone advise on the best spots to fish ( river and surf).  Best baits, types of traces and which resorts to stay in.  I've been there once before but only managed some very small grunter in the river.