MBYBC First League Competition Results


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Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club Deep Sea Angling Competition Results

Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club hosted their first deep sea angling competition of the 1st of October 2011. Overcast weather conditions greeted the anglers and all were keen to start off the new season with a good catch.

All boats launched from 5am with the official start of the competition scheduled for 6am. As per usual, the talk of big fish resulted in many informal competitions being arranged between rival boats. The winner of these informal competitions would have bragging rights for the rest of October, a prize not to be underestimated between anglers. Good catches of cob were made on the day with a number of boats landing fish. Unfortunately for the angler involved, there will always will be a story of ‘the big one that got away’. On this day that story belonged to the boat Umfaan, who lost a prized catch cob. The fish apparently exerted so much tension on the line which ultimately caused it to break halfway through the fight. Better luck next time!
The strategy of the other boats were to target hake and gurnards and these anglers were also rewarded with good catches. Another thank you must also be extended to those anglers who successfully caught and released fish classified on our protected species list.
The time flew by and by early afternoon the wind started to pick up which made the trip back to the Yacht Club a nice bumpy ride. Thanks to all skippers and crew involved in the competition, and in particular to the skippers who safely navigated the way back to Mossel Bay through the choppy conditions.
The day was a huge success and the organizers, especially Nadine, must be commended for getting up so early to accommodate the morning entries.
To all MBYBC Boating Members, the next competition is scheduled for the 5th of November 2011 and we eagerly await its arrival.

Well done to the following division winners:

Boat Catches: 1st place Vasbyt
Skippered by Werner Kotze
2nd place Splitz
Skippered on the day by Paul Kemp
3rd place Umfaan
Skippered by Mike de Villiers

Senior Catches: 1st place Ewald Crause (Vasbyt)
2nd place Kokkie Rall (Vasbyt)
3rd place Barend Uys (Umfaan)

Ladies Catches: 1st place Lelanie Venter (Biesmelk)

Junior Catches: 1st place Lian De Oliveira (Reel Faith)

To all the above winners “Congrats”, we hope to see more ladies and juniors for the next competition.


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