Howzit Guys, I am back in Margate and am gonna be fishing up a storm as soon as the water clears up, after all this rain.


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Im sure their are going to be lots of hungry fish waiting for you! Good luck Shane. Im booked for the 14 to the 23. Staying in Margate but im going to fish Trafalgar port edward to get away from the rush ;) Hope fully the weather will be kind this time. All other 8 times Ive been down this year were stormed out.
With reference to Radio reports and 50/50 last night on the sewerage contamination in the Hibiscus Coast, what do things look like?

It makes me so "de-blixem in" that every body is just in denial of the issue.



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Hi Shane. Whats the current situation with all the storms up there at the moment? Chocolate milkshake water?


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Howsit guys, is this thread still active?

Anyway i wish i had seen this thread before this weekend, as it was my wife's Birthday this Sunday and we drove down to the South coast on Friday and stayed till Monday.

So we left Pmb just before 2pm on Friday, and decided to check out what the water looked like at Park rynie and Rocky Bay. Rocky bay there were hardly anyone on that little pier and the wind was around 12knots NE. Water was a bit clear but we had to stop at the butchery in Park Rynie{( D'ROYS) Trust me guys if you want a lukka mutton chillie sausage then that is the place to go, be sure to ask for "devil sausages"}.

So we stopped at the bottom over the train line and into the "PARK" , The bakkie was choked with our whole family's luggage and our tackle.
We got two medium rods out and the "go-box" and went for a gooi, threw a few sards out to see what's hungry( the guy from the butchery stated that two nice copper breams came out but that was all) and that is was , nothing except a hogwash of reef on our lines. The lytie was now quite restless parking in the cab with the grandparents and so we decided to call it quits after a hectic BUT beautiful hour and a half and move on to our destination.

We got to Santana around 6:30pm and by the time we set ourselves in our apartments it was around 8:45 and my wife and i were amped to go out to the pier for a few throws, We changed and was ready to go, then it was decided that we should call it a night and rather wake up at 3am and keep them lines tight!!!


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Next morning we were up like nighthawks at 3:16am and went to Seapark, but not at the usual spot, we came across Strelitzer street a side street off the main road and into the dirt road over the train line and there's a house or two. we parked on the side like we usually do when we visit the spot right by the road name, then theres a strange cutting that you have to go through alongside that house and it brings you to a glorious stretch of beach. Now this particular place is just a km left of sea park. So my wife and her 3 brothers and myself set up our gear and we had some fresh prawn and frozen chokka and sards for bait. We set up a few rods for Shad, and a few for some smaller edibles which could be legal but was to be slid out for a Garrick or something.
The weather was Perfect with a low north easterly but there was a ripple tide or something
the wife hooked a congrella , which we quicky got out of her line and released safely