Makos & Blues - a pelagic encounter


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Absolutely amazing pics. Can you pay for These kind of trips? If so, can you let me know more info?


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I think they went out with Steve Benjamin of Animal Ocean. Mates of mine have gone out with him and had really good things to say. He is apparently a good skipper, and knows his fish. Probably pricy, but then you pay for quality.


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I've been out with Steve Benjamin (Animal Ocean), Grant Whitford (Blueflash), Chris Fallows (Apex Predators) and Morne Hardenberg (Shark Explorers). All good operators. Steve and Morne in particular are super friendly and fairly negotiable depending on the number of people on the boat. Bear in mind it is a long way and uses klomp fuel, so the trip is not ever going to be super cheap. I went again last week and we chowed 360lt of fuel plus bait, oil, skippers fee etc etc.

Make a plan to do this at least once!