Makos & Blues - a pelagic encounter


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After hearing some good reports of tuna being caught at the Canyon (a spot 25nm SW of Cape Point) a few friends and I decided to spend a day at sea trying to shoot a few of these fish. My friends are all spearos and my weapon of choice was a Nikon. We went out with Steve Benjamin of Animal Ocean. The sea was very rough with fair size swell and around 20kts of wind. We did not find the tuna, but did manage to attract a few blue sharks and mako sharks. For me the day was characterised more by missed opportunities than by the results that were obtained. I was really sea-sick, worse than any time in the last 5 years despite being at sea every weekend. When Steve reported the arrival of the sharks I really could not have cared less and just lay on the deck heaving. Steve did not relent and would not rest until I had kitted up and dropped over the side. Being in the water did not help much but I took a few decent shots over the course of about 20 minutes. After that I started to throw up in the water and was in danger of drowning so I climbed back in the boat. (I also was no longer concentrating on watching the sharks which is not clever when there are excited makos darting around). I preset the exposure on the camera and handed it to Steve, who spent another half an hour in the water taking pictures. While my own memories of the day were not the most pleasant, I can only recommend the trip to others. These pelagic sharks are stunning, and being out there in the warm clean water, with 600m to the bottom and nothing but you and the sharks is just an experience that words and pictures just cannot do justice to. I will definitely be going back soon, but this time will be taking a few motion sickness tabs before hand!












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Serious balls to be in the water with those makos. We have the most respect for them from a boat based point of view thanks to their reputation, but to actually eye ball them like you did... Mmmmh - rather you than me, but I said the same thing about lions and elephants until I did the eyeball to eyeball with them. Maybe one day, maybe... Great pictures!!


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Reefman wrote:
Great pics! More info on the Nikon? Digital with Strobes?
Nikon D300 in a Subal ND30 Housing. Single SB800 Nikon speedlight in a Subal SN800 strobecase. Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom lens. Camera set to 400 ISO, Manual exposure mode with most pics at 1/125th and f8. Strobe set to iTTL with -2EC. Focus set to single point auto.

That should give you the answer!


oh my sack! those pics look so real they look fake lol great brilliant pics guys. uz have serious balls swiming with those sharks i must say

mana to you


These are some of the most amazing images I have seen!!

Been trying to source some like this to use on my HD Panel as wallpapers.

Any chance we can come to some "arrangement" to get the original size images. What size are they before compression?

Again - Absolutely Awesome!!!


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Absolutely stunning pics... especially pic no. 3 !!!

Also I know what its like to get sick whilest on and in the water!!!... lol.. i've managed to puke underwater!!! not a very nice feeling!!

Also noticed this which is very interesting as alot of us on this site do fish for sharks as a sport and would definetely try to not hurt the fish unnecessarily but this is interesting to see that 9 months later a hook still stuck the cow sharks mouth!...

What it should teach us especially for cows.... one can very easily lose this particular fish as it can bite through the trace line and mainline as it can bite its own tail and is reported to sometimes come in and scoop up everything including sinker and leader!!! then bite them off! so try and use hooks that will rust easier instead of the big fancy ones!

check jtrefson's flickr site pics and info!!! amazing pics ..... Jean do you perhaps know George Askew he filmed and photographed with Ron and Valerie Taylor..... a good couple of years ago.. dammit now i gotta go and scratch out some of his pics to share... this is whats so nice about sites like Flickr!!!! thanks for sharing!!!


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Awesome pictures man !!

The Mako is such a beautiful creature.. one of my favourite sharks