Making space for a new toy. All knifes have never


Making space for a new toy. All knifes have never been used or sharpened. Collection in Pretoria or postage for buyers account.

Inja R1300
Basilisk-Mk-2 R1700
J vd Rijst for sale R900
J vd Rijst Buffulo sheath R900


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Very novel way of presenting the blades from a sizing perspective, well done.
If I had the bucks I would nocking on your door already.

3 of my passions; militaria, blades swords etc
Vintage nostalgic fishing reels rods etc and Cycads.

Talking vintage Air rifles, I have a Gecado 23 ( smallish gun ) got it 2nd hand from an uncle 45years ago !
Lost the front and back sights as a youngster playing "army army" in the bush.
Still shoots...well actually the pellet does technically still exit the barrel albeit with such low velocity that you can watch it travel thru the air LOL.

can you perhaps steer me in the right direction ITO sourcing spares and having it re-blued ???