Making a large quantity boilies


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I want to make a large quantity boilies for feeding in Carp angling tournaments, i'm thinking of feeding in the region of 100kg per tournament.

I have two questions regarding this:

1. What is the most cost effective recipe to use for feeding boilies?
2. What is the fastest method to produce these boilies?


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Are you willing to go for a less nutritious boilie to try and save cost? Are you gonna flavour and colour these?

Bulk = equipment - are you willing to buy things like a dough mixer and more heavy duty equipment to get the boilies out fast?


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1.I intend to use these boilies at Bloemhof, so anything that attracts the fish would be sufficient. The base flavour would be molasses. I was thinking of using semolina and soya flour for the base mix.

2. If there is a machine that would help me produce the boilies that would not cost me an arm and a leg, then i would definately consider it.


The standard 50/50 mix of Soya/Selmolina and rice flour is sufficient for Bloemhof and if you want you can add some Maize meal.

Because of the amount of Boilies I fish in tournaments I bought a machine at the cost of an arm and a leg and now make up to 100kg in a day.

Cost a shit load of money but has paid itself off in the last 3 tournaments in Bloemhof and a Tzaneen session (7 days) we used 760kg of 14 - 20mm boilies, self manufactured at below wholesale cost and in those 4 trips we totaled over 4000kg of fish averaging 1065kg in Bloemhof and many big fish in Tzaneen.

If you need bulk boilies at competitive prices drop me a PM and I'll give you some detail.  The machine boilies are not 100% round but still fly true from the cobra and they catch fish (4000kg in 4 Sessions)


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I think I'm past the stage of getting that gr8 feeling when I catch a carp on a boilie "I MADE" -

I prefer to make at most 5kilo's if that's considered not "a large quantity" & if I have any desire to make it. I use a lot of ready mades glugged and fished with PVA etc ...!!!
LOL enigma, sounds like you've done that and got the t-shirt...

I would just add to the basemix and say that I tend to move towards the high carb boilie. Cheapest ingredients, roll well (with the right binders), leak flavours well and also attract and hold fish. It basically goes through the carp like mielies, so they are kept in the swim for the whole length of session. They are damn cheap...around R10 per kilo cost price...

Mass production of boilies is going to cost you money, but as enigma mentioned - if you do it seriously it will pay for itself. You are looking at machined aluminium rolling tables, industrial dough mixers, drying racks, cookers...


I've got me a serious Italian job. 220V high torque motor with rollers that roles 1kg+ per minute of sausages into boilies.

Rolling is the single most time consuming and energy sapping part to making the boilies.

Day 1 make the base mix then mix to paste. Stand overnight in the fridge

Day 2 Sausages and rolling

Day 3 Boiling and laying out on drying racks

total 300kg+

High carb mix with preservatives and flavours are the way to go at Bloemhof but to make sure quality fish hang around add more protein with less flavour and flavour your hookbaits and PVA so they can find the bait quicker as there is a spoor to home in on.


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Where did you buy this machine from.
Was it from a company?

Christodeb i did about 50 kilos now in total with roling tables but 100KG no i won't do that by hand LOL.

Twakkie funny enough regarding your previous questions regarding mass producing boilies.

I find that small and upcoming companies here are roling by hand.

Placed my order this morning for 15 Kilo's.
I made friends with the owner.
You place your order 5 days in advance and they roll it for you.

Fresh Freezer Baits. And no 50/50 baits.

I find the quality of these boilies much higher than the ones purchased and mass produced in the shops. And i know it is not old bait sitting in a shop for months.

Even if i still myself must go and test them the results of other anglers speak for themselves.

These boilies i will be fishing against my homemaids.

I'd rather purchase boilies like these than from big companies mass producing.

This guy knows if he wants to keep my bussiness which he does he will not sell me an inferrior bait.

And you can change the makeup of your boilie as you wish from water to water.


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Gert, I still prefer to make my own - I know what is in there and can adjust as I want them - 100kg not by hand - not for me.

I make fresh boilies very often and they have given me good results - my PB has nothing to do with my bait - but rather the amount of time I spend at the water.

I agree - hand made/home made might also be a thing of the future - especially for that something special made by/for only you???

Maybe that is why I like making my own boilies - don't spend enough time at the water - making the boilies at least gives me "fishing time".


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Schelton i aggree 100% with what you are saying.

I am just following the 2 different routes at the moment Homemaids and Bait Rolled for me.
I aggree with Watercraft being very important and definitely the reason behind my success in the past.

But if you find a bait that is rolled by a company and producing the results on a certain water it would not be good to disregard that bait.(My Opinion).

Reason i am following this route and it also gives me the option to test my homemaids against another good bait.

But only reason i mentioned this was for Twakkie.
You do not need to produce mass baits to start a succesfull company. (as long as the bait is a quality bait and have come up threw the testing stage as a good bait). And catching fish.

Sorry Christodeb i am going off the topic here.



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Christodeb ouens waarmee ek in Ierland gesels het die masjien self gebou en ek kan nie nou presies onthou nie maar ek weet hulle maak baie boilies met die masjien per dag. Dis miskien die moeite werd om so iets self te bou.
Ek dink Ricky het ook so iets gebou.



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I think this guy has a good setup and look how he modified hes rolling table and i think this is quite cheap!!


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Interesant Carpfinder.
Ek het van daai tafels sal bietjie kyk na daai opset.
Ek moet hulle altyd met my hand afrol en dit alleen vat nogal tyd.

Enigste probleem daar is mens kan nie meer as een sausage rol nie?


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Thanks guys. I really like the rolling machine idea. Unfortunately i don't have acess to a decent workshop to build such a machine, but i will try and make a plan!
Thanx gert, appreciate the interest...

My problem in south africa is I have to either compete with established bait companies by quantity or quality. Quantity is out, and even the quality because the dams in the Cape just have so much fish in them that the big carp won't get to the quality baits, also the market is for cheap baits in quantity...however, not giving up, just placing the plans aside for the future, Still testing my baits though...

That machine of enigma sounds like an option and also that irish one, or something similar...It's great to have the luxury to plan and research properly without any deadlines!

By the way...hand rolling????a few cork ball popups max LOL!


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Gert if you measure the table and just squeez the sauseges before hand and then u just need some1 to drop them in while you roll!! I really like that setup and i like the rolling table because the boilie come out more round! Where with that machine i dont like the way the bolie comes out it not really round!!!


Hi the machines I go are basically those on Youtube and the manufacturer is in Italy.

I do manufacture commercially now as well but for own use and tournaments we do a lot more now days. The majority of guys dealing in Boilies manufactured in SA have a turn around time in season of less than 4 weeks meaning the boilies bough off the shelf in SA are generally all 30 days or less off the drying rack till you buy them (in season)

MG Baits is a company that does baits on order for us and many other anglers (through you local dealer) They also make bulk feeding boilies for big water venues that are at a good price and I've had a lot of personal success with their products with a best on their products of 19kg in Klaserie and 14.6kg in Rushmere and 17kg in Rietvlei. (No I don't work for or manufacture for them)Biuying bulk hookbaits and bulk feeding boilies from them in this way is much cheaper than buying bag for bag and you can get your own flavour or make-up of boilies. If I remember correctly a minimum order of special mix or flavour is 5kg.

One thing I find is that we try to copy the UK way off fishing way to much and mislead ourselves into thinking our 2kg of boilies are going to produce optimal results in out waters.

Waters like Rushmere and Donaldsons yes. Doringdraai, Tzaneen, Vaal Dam etc never.

The volumes of water and the size of fish just doesn't allow for successful fishing with 2-5kg of boilies. 3 x big vaaldam barbel (catfish) come into your swim and your 5kg of boilies are gone in 10 minutes (so you fish 71 hours and 50 minutes of a 72 hour session with no boilies in the water. (Believe me they also polish off the Tigers as well)

Fishing a swim in Klaserie with 20kg of boilies if you get a school of 30 fish 5 - 18kg come into a swim, along with catfish and kurpers (who also nibble the boilie finished) how long will the boilies last.

I fished an 80kg boilie session opposite Oranjeville I the Vaaldam and ended with 60 fish over 8kg the biggest just over 14kg (Carp) and a 31kg Catfish all on the boilies and by the last 4 hours of my session my swim was dead the fish had chowed and left (my mistake was a fed to many 18mm should have only fed 20mm)

You think that's going big, read up on the guys fishing Radutta and Cassiene, they go for as much a 300kg of boilies over a 5 day session not to mention their particles.

Small fishery waters like those extensively fished in the UK are managed to only have Carp in them (few other small species) and due to the size of venue and low number of fish a day session using 1kg of boilies will result in fish.