Found this on the the internet after I saw an advert in th Bankangler for maggots. These guys sell them for R60  for a 1lt container. I know in the UK and other places these are verry popular as bait for carp and other species and I am sure in South Africa we can find some use for them.

Things You'll Need

    1 lb meat scraps
    Small plastic container
    Tall plastic container
    Olive oil
    Plastic wrap
    Plastic container with lid
    Spatula or spoon

    How to Grow Maggots

        Acquire some leftover meat such as chicken or beef parts. Flies, which lay the eggs to produce maggots, are more attracted to meat than any other foods and will lay up to 300 eggs into their food sources.

        Place the meat scraps inside a plastic container. Add just enough water to keep the meat moist. Seal the container with plastic wrap, but poke several holes in them in order to allow flies entry and exit ways. Place the container outside, preferably near trash cans. Dark places are also a good place to encourage maggot breeding.

        Check the container in three days to see if maggots are forming. If so, transfer the maggots and container into a taller container, still keeping it outside. Rub olive oil on the inner top of the container's circumference to help keep crawling maggots inside it. Reseal with clear plastic, using much smaller holes to keep the flies out but air circulating in.

        Use a spoon or spatula to scrape the maggots into the plastic container with a lid. Close and seal the container tightly and poke pin-sized holes in it. You can now transport the maggots to wherever you need them.

Just be carefulll as these things can grow exponentially and before you know it you have a huge fly problem! Remember to was you hands after handling them!


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I used maggotts when I was in Italy and they were really amazing! I'd tried all sorts of other "cleaner" baits with no success and in desperation tried the maggotts---- bingo , instant success and suddenly I couldn't keep the perch (and various other fish I didn't know of ) off the hook.

What really surprised me was how easy they were to use  --- no smell, easy to put on the hook was a bit of a revelation!! once you've got them away from the rotten food or whatever, they are actually very clean and easy to deal with.

Think I must try them for carp back here in SA ...and I think any freshwater fish will grab them up aswell. I'm sure the wriggling on the end of the hook is a major attractant!  


Thanks for the info Bongi! So it is worthwhile to get some maggots!? And they are not as dirty and smelly as we all thought...


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Hoe waar die volgende is, sal ek nie weet nie maar ek is eenkeer meegedeel dat gedurende die Eerste Wereld Oorlog was medikasie maar aan die min kant en soldate het 'n sakkie met maaiers by hulle gedra. Indien daar 'n wond was het hulle van die maaiers opgesit wat dan die vrot vleis geeet het sodat die wond vinniger kon herstel

Sal by erties hou dankie ;)


The 1st pic aint Maggots but Meal worms, the same1's I feed my Chameleon's and bearded dragons.

The 1's on your hook is the real deal. Going fishing during this the week with maggots on hair rig, will give

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Maggots work very well as bait for all fresh water species but terminal tackle must suit them. I used them in the UK from being 5 years old for about 20 yrs. They are clean creatures and are used for medicinal purposes like cleaning infected wounds.

We used to breed them by tying a piece of meat to a string which was then hung from a stick and placed over an empty bucket. The flies would lay their eggs in the meat and they would turn into maggots and wriggle their way out of the meat and into the bucket.

For best results keep them very cool prior to using them (fridge) and out of direct sunlight and heat when by the water. Sawdust in the container helps also. Hook only through the Blunt end between the eyes and only through the skin if possible. I would not use anything larger than a size 14 hook.

Hope this helps



I normally get from the angling shops - especially the smaller ones.
Then there are these ones - I haven't tried them yet