Lower KZN S.Coast spots for Kite


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I think Splash rock in Port Edward would be a good spot in a NE or SW.
Southbroom point as well.
Where else on the South Coast would be a good kite spot?


IWyk wrote:
Stiebel rocks next to Shark bay

Like Iwyk says ,with a little bit of tack you can get well behind backline off the Southern point in a light to mild North Easter. The Northern point may work in a Westerly,yet you will have to contend with a multitude of baitfishermen and spinner-men alike(no-go).Even if there was no-one, the Shark-nets protecting the Swimming beach might pose a problem(North-side only)..

The Blocks at Port Shepstone on a Westerly wind.

Anerley-beach between the mouth(most often closed)of the Damba-river and Sunwich Port is a fairly secluded 600 odd meter long stretch of beach.(S/Westerly-Westerly-wind).Fairly safe parking next to Villa Siesta beach resort,beach starts about 50 meters away to your left facing the sea-(North)

Between mid-May and August historically the wind will blow off-shore basically from late afternoon until early morning(sunrise,sometimes even later),so night fishing may be a good option or very early morning in those months.



You have already mention Splashrock but Blackrock, Preekstoel, Lighthouse in Port Edward is good places. Even Orangerocks is a good place.