Lost Drone


Hi Guys
I went fishing on Friday night at Gourits mouth. Unfortunately my drone took a dive. I'm hoping that it would wash out and a honest member finds it. Please phone Gary 0766977025
sad news indeed.

would you mind giving some more info .

how many trips on the battery
how old is the battery
sea/ wind conditions

we all can learn from your unfortunate mishap

hope you get it back, although very unlikely in one piece


Hi Guys
I will gladly share this info with you to prevent any more drones dropping. It was a combination of a few things and really easy to prevent. First of all, when you fly at night, fit lights to the front and back of the drone so that you know at all times where the drone is heading. I only had 2 red lights at the back. Secondly, try and have a buddy with you to handle the rod and never take your eyes off the drone. Very important, not only the drone battery needs to be fully charged, but the transmitter batteries needs to be strong. Weak transmitter batteries causes erratic flying. Then be aware of loadshedding. This is what happened. Friday night, so close to new moon, was very dark at Gourits. Flew a Bonney head to 350 metres, dropped the bait and flicked the return to home switch. I put the transmitter down to pick up the slack and then I could not see the drone. Because of weak transmitter batteries, it flew parallel with the coast instead of back to me and therefore the lights at the back of the drone was facing away from me. I flicked the manual switch to try and rotate the drone but to no avail. WEAK TRANSMITTER BATTERIES. I only saw the red lights again when the drone dropped into the ocean. The loadshedding theory. When I got to my car, the GPS would not function. When I selected home on the GPS, it said I will be home in 7 hours time, I live in Mosselbay! If the car GPS would not function properly, surely the drone would not either ? Just my theory, I have had this drone for 2 years, not even the slightest of problems. It was set up properly on the beach like hundreds of times before. As for the weak transmitter batteries, I asked my son to change them 2 months ago, he didn't ! Hope this helps to prevent any incidents
mans mistakes has cost himself plenty of money.
it is a pity what happened.
seems like it time for a new one.
2 years of great service means the technology is also quite old.

if its not found, what are you getting?


I think the Revo 3 is a brilliant drone. It's payload is big enough for me. I don't fish in strong winds and I am happy with the overall performance. I can get one in immaculate condition, so that is what I'm getting
at least it will have enough lights fitted to it.

we don't do drone fishing, but did some radio controlled airplanes and helis.

we had great fun, building and crashing and building and crashing.

especially when chasing the strings ……………………………..we attached for chasing each other.

but it happens so quickly.....and all ends ups into pieces.

then we build again


That sux man.
Just a small thing I did on my bait boat is I put my name and number on the hatch with a permanent marker so if an honest person ever finds it they can call me If I loose it. Might not be a bad idea for drones as well?


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for sure you've done a really great job - that you've marked your drone with name and phone
but if I were you... I'd not hope somebody's gonna give it back :cry1


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