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Hi guys I am getting back into fishing after some years off. I have just purchased a drophot/spinning setup and I am new to braid. I was thinking of using the double uni knot to join my braid to my leader would you suggest this? Also I'm planning on using the rapala knot for my jigheads should I use the same knot for spoons and plugs? :imnew


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that will work well enough, long as your leader doesn't need to go through eyes (which is usually the case with a spinning setup).
FG is the best imho - strongest if done / cinched correctly, and cannot possibly make a slimmer knot. just a bit of a mission to tie, but more you practice the easier it gets.
bob sands is also excellent, and bit easier to tie on the water..
Swannell clip for join to plugs and spoons, rapala knot when they run out :) and decent terminal knot of choice, palomar, figure 8 etc..Leader knots as above..


My personal favourites for that application, rapala and FG. Try keep your leader short enough that you don't have to cast the FG through the guides.

My preferred method of tying the FG