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Hi all fishing friends

I am from groblersdal in limpopo and i am very interested in kite fishing. Is there anyone that can help me get started with this.... Where i can get hold of a kite what to use or who i can contact that can give me a few pointers.



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You don't need too much to start. A kite rod 8-10ft stiff cheapie will do. Kite reel that can handle 1000m 75lbs braid (kp is perfect) 2 single line kites (one small for heavy wind and a larger for more gentle winds) square kites are cheap and adequate. 2-3 release clips. 1000m 75lbs braid, 100m .65 mono. That will pretty much gets you a bait dropped up to 1km away. The mono is joined to the braid (like topshot) the release clip is attached to the mono (about 60 - 80m from the kite)

Your other rod is the one you use to fish with. For sharks torium 50 minimum and a strong rod (10oz). You make a loop in your leader (about 6m) from the end. This loop is not knotted, but taped with insulation tape. The loop is attached to the release clip on the kite line. Both lines are released at the same time, and when you happy with where your bait is, stop releasing line on the reek with bait attached, but let the kite keep going. This puts tension on the line. You then strike and the loop gets released. You then reel the kite in. That is the most basic and common method, and the best way to start. Mullers kites and windsong kites are local companies and can supply kites and release clips. Google them for details. Read through the kite fishing section on sealine for lots more info


Kite Rod 4-5'very strong

Reel 600 or 900H Daiwa, extreme torque and good capacity

Kite Line 0.60mm mono

Kites... Square single line 60cm, 70cm and 1m

AFTCO or STONFO Outigger clip

Create a drop loop in your main leader lineby twisting the line as if you were making a bimini twist or tape the leader in a loop when you pull a fish the loop will pull out and you can reel the line onto the rod

Tackle, Minimum Talica 25II preferable TLD 50

Preferred wnd trace. Please don't make a fixed end trace. Use a 2mm slide with beads and #1 Power swivel. attach as if the bait had been slid down. ie stop ring on the end with the sinker on the stop ring.

This way if you cut off or if something swims into the line or you are stripped the fish won't be towing kilomters of line and heavy tackle along with it, only the hook trace and slide

Hook trace preferably 1-1.5m of PVC coated steel (440lbs)

Leader 2-2.6mm

Fly the kite out to 100-200m and make sure of the tack and lift so that it pulls well but is retrievable.

Tie the AFTCO clip in line, clip your bait in, as good measure the lower the wind the lower the clip setting ie 15-20km then on 4, 20-50km then on 8

One angler controls the kite and the other the fishing rod. Send the kite out till desired distance is reached, fishing rod is engaged and kite pulls the lines straight.

When the kite is still and the lines pulled tight, strike and the bait drops off. Do not then cross over one another etc as the fishing line may loop over the kite line. The kite will lift and eventually shed the fishing line.

To kite fish with a single rod and kite.

Fly the kite out to 100-200m. Insert a power swivel here and to the one end of the swivel swivel clip a snap on swivel to the kite and tie the mainline to the swivel. To the other end of the swivel tie a 10m Drop line / leader at the end of this tie your hook rig 1-4m in length. Use a 3/0 power swivel here.

Onto this bottom 3/0 power swivel tie a 2l coake bottle with 1-1.5 liters of water. Tihis is a ballast that will keep the kite from lifting your bait out of the water.

2m and 4m above the bottle using, clothes pegs attach flags (black bin bags work well) These flags act as bite indicators as you will see them disappear into the sea before you register any bite.

Now you're on and the fish fights you and the kite.

The advantage here is your bait is suspended in the water column and with the right traces GT and Cuta fishing from the shore is possible.

Greg Mountjoy in Knysna makes the best single line fishing kites and posts/couriers them to where ever you are 0820590070