Kite fishing at Vidal


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Greetings everyone

I'm curious if anyone has fished Vidal with a kite and if so were the ledges/reefs a problem? Is there a good spot in Vidal for kite fishing?

Would be great to hear if anyone has had success there?

Many Thanks

don't think it will work there.

prevailing wind is north east, meaning from left to right along the shore!

if you do succeed to get the kite out, the risk of boats cutting the line is always a possibility.

only during winter do one get offshore winds.

but why not try! if a kite can track that skew give it a go



The Seagull kite built by Mullers in Durban does the very thing.
It was designed for the area you want to fish. (cross shore)

It definitely has the ability to tack into the wind and with practise you will get it to where you want to go. Sometime you may have to apply a weight to the side of the kite, as is suggested in the instructions.
The weight of course allows the kite to 'dig in' and tack to the outside.

See their web page;

Or Vleisbroek!!


Yes you can. Depending on which system you use you will probably have the correct wind during the night time. NE normally turns offshore during the night. A lot will also depend on what you wanna target, bait etc.

Below is a link to an article in the Kite Lines magazine. Althgough it dates way back it is one of the best write ups I have seen on Kite fishing in SA.

Those where the to speak.


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Vidal is very tide dependant because of the rocky shoreline.
St Lucia is a much better bet. Westerlies around from about 02:00 in the mornings during winter and spring. Large beach open beach ereA in front of the old.mouth very suited to kitefishing


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Many thanks guys, appreciate the articles, info and advice. We booked in at Vidal for 4 days at month end, if we get a good wind will send out a kite but if nt then will do it the old fashioned way and wade in and cast a shot.