Info on Groenvlei lake (Western Cape)


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Hi Guys

Hope all is well. Need info on Groenvlei. Looking for a camping area next to lake, wanting direct access to the water. I saw a place with name "bosnes koskamp". Any idea who the owner is? I want to do carp fishing from the bank. Been looking for water over 6 months, was an active specimen carp angler until I moved to the Western Cape. Any other info on any other water in the Western Cape area will be MUCH appriciated! Please and thank you.


The carp in Groenvlei are a major issue, I think Rhodes Uni are currently undertaking studies on the carp in the system. They have also been removing the carp from the system, by netting etc. Groenvlei is a very unique and sensitive system and one should appreciate that CapeNature is trying to keep the fishery stable (they had fish die off in 2018).

If you still want to go, Capenature has some awesome rustic bungalows on the eastern side of the vlei, fishing access are from jetties, since the banks are overgrown with reeds.

However, there are a lot of WC venues with carp other than Groenvlei.
Most of the major dams and rivers have had carp in them for at least a couple of decades so there will be large specimens around.
Are you based close to Groenvlei?
If you live in george, there must be places with hardly any pressure as everyone is fishing in the sea! For that matter once you hook, land and release that first big cracker you will wonder why you spent so much time chasing carp! ;)


LCF wrote:
No, I live near george. Any advice on the other water you are referring to?

The Garden route dam (also called George dam, but that's actually the dam at Tierkop) has carp, I've never seen anything big come out there but the guys do fish there quite a bit.

There are a few small dams on the airport road and strawberry farm which have carp... specimens I don't know, all private access.
Most of the waters round Outshoorn/ Calitsdorp / De Rust have carp, i.e. Stompdrift dam, but with the droughts they have had I'm not sure what the state of these fisheries will be.

I'm sure Wolwedans has carp in it... if you can get private access that would be my no.1 bet.

I'm not a carp expert although I have spent quite a few years fishing for them. Your best bet to get really big carp in relative close proximity would be the Breede River, maybe go away for a weekend to Kambati?

I stayed in and around George for quite a few years and can honestly say that if you are a keen fisherman your time would be well spent fishing the awesome estuaries and coastline in that part of the world. Like Dr HH said, carp fishing is fun until you hook a big cracker, but if you prefer carp style fishing targeting Grunter in Swartvlei or Knysna is a heck of a lot of fun!