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These kites come from New Zealand, the first one is called a Delta kite and is their bigger one, the second yellow one also from Pauls Kite Fishing New Zealand is called a flexi wing delta and much smaller, this kite can handle winds of up to 45 knots and stronger so they claim, works best in winds 20km and stronger. This kite has has elastics attached to the tips of the kite which makes the kite flex so by dumping the excess wind off the wings and can be set at different strengths depending how much pull you want, it also has short droque(windsock) tail to stabilise the kite and for tacking the kite, up to 70 degrees which is why i bought it, still waiting for a howler to test. One thing i can say about these kites the quality is excellent.

To tack them you screw up some plastic bag and attach to tacking rope on the wing tip on the side you want the kite to tack.


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Mr Kite flyer

I am  from Rustenburg and have read all that I can on kite fishing. Iam a keen surf fisherman and would like to try kite fishing. now what time of the year would be good for kite fishing at Natal North caost. When is the wind blowing towards the sea?


Accufish ,:welcomesea:  @Mr Kite flyer ,if I may respond on your behalf.

The prevailing winds there are pretty much the same as the KZN South-coast.i.e North Easterly and South westerly,with the odd South easter.From approximately late May untill early August you can expect off-shores being either West ,South West,or True/Straight-West ,or West ,North-West,.Depending on your location all of these are favourable.

Bear in mind that these winds will start at late afternoon as it gets dark and prevail throughout the night in varying degrees of moderation.(This happens because the land cools off much quicker than the ocean and the warmer air above the ocean rises ,and the "void" is filled with the air coming off the land),hence the off-shore wind. This may continue untill the following day untill such time that the Sun heats up the land again(which happens faster than the ocean) and the process is reversed,and so the wind direction.

Various other factors like Cold-fronts etc can disturb this ballance, but in general it holds true.Please if there are any Climatologists out there do not slay me, it is based on discussions with your peers,and observations over time and may I add a Laymans- opinion.

Depending on cloud cover the above process can occur as late as 10am-11am the following day,sometimes earlier ,sometimes later,but you will do yourself a favour if you started out at 05h00 on the morning of a daylight fishing stint.By that time it may still be dark outside in June-July,but should lighten up by 06h15.If you intend a night stint then launching your kite just before dark will stand you in good stead.Remember on the East coast it gets darker a lot sooner than the West-coast(sometimes to the extent that we could really have two time zones).

Do yourself a favour and avail yourself of the angles that kites can be tacked to,and how to use the prevailing wind.A search on the various Kite manufacturers's sites will pay off dividends.


good day kite flyer

on your small pic under your name i can spot a flexywing+skyhook

are you using the sky hook ? , and is it really effective assisting the kite in sidewinds ?

most of my kite fishing is with offshore winds but some of the time i get side winds paralleled to the beach and using a delta kite or a muller-seagull kite i can get 60-50 deg tac

do you think using a sky hook can help me with gaining more pull in to the wind dir getting a strait pull offshore ?


Guys please take note this post dates back to 2010.

Try a quick search,newer info etc should be available on the forum.

i noticed that ,sorry if it is not the right way to ask for this type of info,do you think i should open a new post asking about the SKYHOOK ?

i"m looking for advise about sky hook if anyone here on sealine uses it



eyal goren wrote:
i noticed that ,sorry if it is not the right way to ask for this type of info,do you think i should open a new post asking about the SKYHOOK ?

i"m looking for advise about sky hook if anyone here on sealine uses it


No problem at all Eyal , I merely suspect that Mr Kitefleyer hasn't been around a lot lately./

If I may try and answer your question ten I must honestly ay that I have never seen anybody here use a Sky-hook.However what I have seen anglers do on rare occasions in croswinds is use two kites.

what they did was fly one square kite out tacked at maximum angle to about 100 yards where they had either a loop or a swivel attached. A second square kite tacked at same angle, but with only about 50 meters of line out is then attached via clip-on or knot to this point.

This does not give you a better angle of tack,but it does double your pulling power at the same angle which is normally a problem when you tack a lot.

Hope this is of assistance.