I bought a 16 foot graphite rod a while back at a


Ben REINERS wrote:
Afternoon Craig ,

Thks for clarity.
Will be in contact with u shortly.
Do u know if Errol is a SEALINER and or contact details - sounds to me there's no much diff in both of yrs rod building ?:SSS
Cheers Ben

Errol is in PE, I'm not sure if he is a Sealiner, PM trophy for Errol's number.

There are some builders in your area the most notable being Gremlins.

You need to get hold of a customizer / custom builder to make a specific rod for you.

Shalom who is on the site is a builder, although he specialises in Boat rods he will probably be able to help you and he's in Durbs


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So gentleman I can take it the myth is broken then. For distance casting the best rod is the longest rod you can securely handle. I am waiting for my supplier to get back to me with a price on the 16 foot rods. Will post his details and the prices soon.


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Hey Kopstamp & Fluffy,

Dke v antw, & Fluffy nee my maat jy kan nie in sopwater wees nie "Frredom of speach" - as long as it does not let the angler fall in the water & become fresh bait ::S  

Ek stem 100% saam met die lengte en grootte v n persoon vs sy tackle wat hy teiken. Dit maak n feitlike verskil in distansie en baie aspekte. Ek sal als onthou as ek met ENIGMA chat.  Dke julle.

Visgroete Ben  (My viskoors begin nou jaag en ek gaan my 14 voeters begin afstof vir die  pakhuis en wag in spanning vd nuwe aankomeling sodra ek hom bestel  - :spite)


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hi guys i got a custom 16.8ft blue marlin from cheapest fishing tackle they are situated in chatsworth think their number is on the sealine website , not sure if they can get another the one i bought was lying in a factory for the past 12years they bought of the entire lot of rods when it went on auction , i also got a 16ft dam rod that they had with them i modified a bit and am now using it to catch shad,bronze brim,blacktail the usual , try them they sell quality if they dont have it they will try to get you one , speak to billal he's very helpfull