Howzit guys. Trust you all are well. I have join


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Howzit guys.

Trust you all are well. I have joined a club this past season and have done ok. I have made it my goal to go to Nationals. So will be working and fishing hard

my reason for this topic is : What does one have to do to get ready for Nationals once you have been chosen...

All of you okes that have been there.... please share your experiances, what you have done to prepare, etc etc.

Any and all feedback will be appreciated



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There are a few things you can do to prepare for nationals.
1. Save money for the event, its going to be expensive so put money away for the event now already.
2. Nationals are held over 3 or 4 days, if you are not fit, your wheels might come off during the tournament. Its not just the fishing itself, its late nights and early mornings that take their toll so make sure you are fit.
3.Research the area you are going to and make sure you know how to catch the species on offer, big or small.
4. Make sure you have the correct tackle for the area, a medium setup and a heavy setup. I usually take a spare rod and reel along in case one of my rods break.
5. The only other thing you can do is work hard on your fishing, go do fishing in spots other than your usual favourite spots at home. If you can go fish in other provinces and fish for different species to build up your knowledge base and skills.
6. If you can read water, make a good cast, wade, opperate in a bunch of anglers, your knots and traces are well constructed and you can build a presentable, streamline bait then you should do well. Its a learning curve, it takes time and experience, so keep doing what your doing and you will get there.


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Very well said Jackal

I can't emphasize enough to be fit. Running to and from your box, wading and walking many kilometers will take its toll. The a and b nationals was held here in Struisbaai and some places a 10km walk was needed.

Read up on the spots, ask locals the spots. Local knowledge is the best. Do a bit of an scouting mission beforehand to learn the spots and what to target.

Good luck


As a manager of a provincial team I can confirm the excellent advice given by earlier responders. I also stress the importance of personal fitness which is crucial, complete confidence and familiarity with your tackle.4 adequate appropriate traces leaders and setups, knowledge of the area such as Google earth and maps,and if possible travel to the area that will be fished a month or so before the tournament and fish it with a local to prepare and get some insider info. You also need to be comfortable in the water as extensive wading is concerned as be able to read water. Listen to the guides too...even if their advice does not always correspond to your opinion or plan of action. After all you are paying good money for their knowledge and expertise. Be flexible in your game plan and be ready to change tactics at the drop of a hat.
You also need to know the selection procedures and trials procedures in your own region so that you are prepared when you get the invite....whether that means training with other prospective or current team members who have been at trials before. You will find all the homework and effort is worth it when you get selected. Good luck.