Hi guys I found this article on the internet. Has


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Hi guys

I found this article on the internet. Has anyone tried this casting technique? I haven't as yet, but will give it a go next time I go fishing. I want to improve my casting distance, and with my current equipment(Penn 12' rod, Okuma interceptor reels with 10lb line), my best cast was 135m. The sinker size I use varies between M1(20g) to P5(88g). Any advice/tips are welcome.




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Try using 0.18mm or 0.17mm line and you should get at least 10m extra.

 I would recomment xx or awa-shima line.


some other line in 10 lbs might be thicker than others .

Try the Awa shima or the double

Your leader line should be one half lenght of your rod, the leader knot as well must not be too thick , these are just some  basics to start with.




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Hi Ken

I decided to practice my casting last night and tried this technique and on first through i through further than i did before. I'm still a novice and have a cheap rod and reel so didn't put to much in it for fear of my rod breaking. Through a few times as i normally would with a 5oz and marked the spots but didn't measure. Then through the Unitech way and it was further , approx 10m. At end of practice i got about a extra 15m to 20m. It takes some getting use to though and i need some painkillers for my arms and back


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Thanks for the feedback Slimshady. Glad to hear that it can improve your casting distance. Definately gonna give it a try.

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double x platinum plus is (in my opinion) the best line for casting, its ratios, diameter:knot strengh:breaking strength are unrivaled, and you can throw it a mile.