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Caught this at a local venue in JHB while trying for Bass,please help identify,





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It's a European perch and they are plentiful in Florida lake and a few farm dams in the western cape (Somersetwest area)

Bet it was at Florida?


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I think it is a perch

The European Perch is extremely popular fighting sport and an excellent food fish in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, everywhere in Europe and Russia. They make a wonderful catch for fishermen of all skill levels. They inhabit slow-moving, nearshore areas where moderate amounts of vegetation provide cover, food and protection, they feed on insect larvae, crustaceans, and small fish, zooplankton and other tiny aquatic organisms. Most fish are caught in early winter months during their spawning run in the upper tributaries where they are easier to catch.
A combination of understanding the fish and the techniques used to catch them will help you to hook more fish to the end of your line. Better knowing and understanding of the fish that you are trying to catch will make you a more successful angler, whether you are fishing for trout on a river or surfing on the beach or trolling on the open water.


I caught a lot of them at Florida using baby bass as bait, they love them. They also fight like beasts on the fly rods I was using!