Heat shrink grips


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Hi guys
I see this topic has come up back in the day. I got a 10ft rod from buddy that I helped a few times with odd jobs. I started cleaning it up & did the guide wraps & it is looking good thus far except for the grips that still has the old rope wrapped around. I am looking for heat shrink grips & I think if I do it over the rope it will look amazing. Where can I perches it, +- how much does it cost & what sizes do they come in?

PS: Before & after pics will follow once doen
contact CDS Angling supplies.

those heat shrink grips works well.
quite cheap, not sure of the price.
even when they get wet....you can still hold onto the rod.

all my big rods were done this way.


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Well I promised some pics of this revamp so here goes. ( not the best quality pics & forgot to set the date correctly :? ) more to come on completion.


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Old rope grip that I want to cover with heat shrink. The rope should give it a nice finish.


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jislike, that a old rod.

looks like a old purglass cast master type.
not the normal stiff rods we use these days.

the heat shrink will also work lekker here, a bright color or two.

what is lekker about it, is that one can heat shrink a grip double.

so on my rod, where my casting hand is, I had a short section.
then the final one over it.

so you can place heat shrink over each other to build it up if needed.

so now for the other pics.

my rods are down in st lucia.
coming back next week with them.
will post a picture then