Grunter - Durban Harbour 3.8 Kg


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Hi Gents

Thought I`d share this.. I got this Grunter of my brothers boat in the bluff.

Very basic set up - Drift line, perfect weather conditions and a few big crackers

Excellent fight on light tackle.


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Thanks Guys !

Definitely not the biggest fish however its still very satisfying to target them and get a decent size.

Anybody got some advice on the salmon in the Dbn Harbour ?We have landed a few however the bigger ones always manage to bite the line (using thin line for Grunter).

If I change to steel wire traces the bite rate drops seriously, apart from those bottom feeders..Eels,wala wala,crabs... and those monster skates..which is probably worse as you loose more tackle and time...not to mention injuring all those unwanted creatures as well...


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