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You guys are the best. 

I went to 10 kg of lead from a local scrap dealer and he charged me R20/kg + VAT.

You can guess what I told him about his pricing...:doh


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Hi Dup


I am very intrested in your 3, 6, and 8 ounce grapna mould. I am also looking for a 20 ounce. I also do bout fishing and you do not want to know what that sinker cost.... can you give m a time period and a price on what ever you have you or can get me...... please my man, many thanks

Claude Miles



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Hi Claude
Welcome to Sealine.
I have most of the grapnell moulds available.
The 20 ounce that you are talking about is for the boat?
I also have boat sinker moulds in 500g and 750g.
They are not grapnels.
Mail me at and I will mail you a complete pricelist with pictures me the moulds.

Ian F

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I finally got around to getting some TIG welding rods to make the top hook on the grapnel sinkers. There are few, if any welding supply shops that I could find in the northern JHB area. Eventually I found a company called Reeflex Welding in Strijdom Park (Randburg....not far from the Randburg / Lanseria offramp on the N1) and they provided the rods. Very helpful guy called Trevor Moore 011-792-3832.

Will be making sinkers on Saturday.



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Hep Dup, sent you a PM yesterday.
Interested in some moulds and slides, please let me know how to go about odering a few.

Ian F

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Hi Deon, I just took a few 1.6mm rods (5) to check out how this TIG wire compared to normal they gave them to me for nothing. They also gave me some 2.4mm rods so that I could change my old grapnel moulds to have the same size holes at the bottom for the spring wire (also for free).

The bottom line is....I have no idea what they cost

Ian F

Ian F

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I bought some lead yesterday  -  R12-00 per kilo. Unfortunately I did not have time to run around, so I just had to take what I could get. The moral of the story is DON'T wait till the last minute before buying something because you will inevitibly pay more.


Ian F


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Hi Ppl


Sent you a price and pic list.

@Ian F
It pays to shop around for lead but at R12/kg it still is not bad.
The tyre places is still a good option, my local HI Q is aelling their wheel weights at R7/kg

@ Deon

I pay R135/kg there is about 80 X 1.6mm rods in a kg.

You must make sure that you ask for the lowest grade of stainless steel, a 308 if I'm not mistaken.

It goes up to a 316 and then you start paying your @SS OF.


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HI Dup.

When we last spoke i was supposed to pay 50c one so i bought 60 and when i got back home they phoned me and said they made a mistake it was R3.43 one....




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The R0.50 could never be right.
But at R3.43 they are absolutely nuts.
That would mean they are selling it at about R275 per kg.
I'm buying mind at R125 per kg.
That comes to R1.56 per rod.
They are nuts.


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I melt my lead in a well ventilated area.

my ballie built this chimney contaption for the gasses.

works like a charm.

other than that the same old safety equipment.

gloves and
a mask.


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Thanx Dup.

Ek het nou 'n rukkie terug my mould gekry. Dit lyk AWESOME.
Dankie vir jou spoedige diens.

Guys, Dup's moulds is worth every cent. I payed R300, the second best price I found was R499.


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@ Dave
I sent you a mail.

@ Mickey
I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your moulds.
You are one of many anglers that will be saving money on sinkers so it can be better spent on tackle.


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@ Jericho and Trev
Sent both of you mail with the price list and pics.

And as the saying goes
"Give a man a sinker and he can fish for a day.
Give a man a mould and teach him to make his own sinkers and he will fish for ever."
(and save a shit load full of money)