Gσσδ day Can anyone please help me to ident

carp crazee

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Gσσδ day

Can anyone please help me to identify these fish.? I think they might be from the Kurper/tilapia family...
I really want to know so that I can add it to my caught fish species list (the first 1; the light color 1 has spikes on the upper fin)
Many thanks...


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dallee wrote:
hi guys,

dose anyone know where i can catch bigger blue kurper??
Trail and error boet, learn their habitat and then go out to different places and work, work, work, or go to Loskop dam, Roodeplaat, etc.


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thanks Pats, i will try and find out more about the dam


JFE- i really am hey i just got back from Loskop last week and never hooked not one kurper but will keep at it....^^..


also looking at going out for the country maybe lower Zambezi :SSS


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thanks Pats

will plan a trip after the first rain and let you know how it when. hoping to catch some big blues :wfish




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Sjoe that sounds nice.

Remember to post some pics.

Tight lines and Remember the maroek is working at its best if thrown in the night before fishing. So take your Maroek in the night you get there, Say friday evening before sunset and start fishing the next morning.

And tight lines


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Will do.....


how is the accomidation at mokolo dam because i googled the dam and not much on camping came up or the directions from JHB to the dam???


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Just Keep the N1 until you get the Modimolle Turn Off.
Keep Straight past Vaalwater and keep on the R510 until you get the Mokolo Dam Turn off on your right hand side.

Please see image below

I don't know the camping rates as I usually stay with my in-laws and drive there early each morning.

I hope this helps.


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you can get big blues at oppikoppi bass farm past Brits... I've caught a couple over 1.5kg there biggest being 1.7kg on fly. Seen guys catch over 40 of those big ones in a session by simply chumming with rabbit food and using floaties as bait.

As for time of year, I recently got 3 of these at Vaalkop dam

basically, the hotter it is, the better