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I appreciate the welcome,still a novice at saltwater angling but trying my best,any suggestions on fishing spots
Near mthata mouth and what species to look for

Ally G

New member
thanks for the warm welcome .looking forward to exciting conversation with fellow members, I have a 5m semi rigid and went out at Miller Point at weekend and notice that some boats with big hauls of cob on board and i was wandering where the cob is running?document.write('/images/emoticons/f2.gif');


New member
thanks for the warm welcome .looking forward talking and make friends so yes I'm Afrikaans sorry 4 poor english but I ok ek wil graag vriend word van almal hier en sal by die reels bly ek is n nuwe inwoner in Pietermaritzburg en muk na margate se kant toe...ek werk as n polisie man in die Pietermaritzburg magistraat Hof ek is n beginner en stel baie belang in see vis vang ek het nog baie om te leer. Sal graag n vriend of 2 wil ontmoed wat n goeie hart het om te daar nag Goeie mense vanaf Durban tot in Margate..

Grant Davidson

New member
Thanks for the welcome! I am new to this whole fresh water seen as I moved from PE to JHB about 6 months ago and I am still looking for a decent fishing spot.

I have to get use to this thing of using baits that smell like something I would eat to catch fish! Lol.....


New member
Good day. nice to communicate with you. I fish at the vaal all the time. Erasmus or Rooiwalle is a nice place to fish. Theres big carps there. enjoy


New member
Hi guys
Thanks for the warm welcome. I am a total novice at fishing. I do hope that I can learn a thing or three from the "old manne". I live on the west coast in Yzerfontein. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated. Thanks_seal1_


New member
Hi everyone
Thank-you for welcoming me.
My name is Willie and I am from Mpumalanga and love my sport for the reason that my family can enjoy with me.
I would really love to fish henties if somebody can give me some advise were to and who to phone.

Thankyou for a wonderful site.



Senior Member
Yes :welcomesea:

Just search for Henties, here are a lot off info on the site.

Shout if you need help.


New member
Hi Guys

Thanks for the warm welcome
and i look forward to the info and conversations!
and some tips to help me land that steemroller iv been chasing so long lol::tight:

Ben botes

New member
Ben Botes. Baie danki dat ek aanvaar is. Ek wil info oor my self gee. Ek vang gereeld 1 keer n jaar vis in die Wes kaap, maar altye kry ek net haaie gevang. Kan jul my van raad bedien om ook oordentlike eet vis te vang. Help ASB Hengel groete Ben Botes


New member
Hi smasher, do you fish of the bank or of the boat.... I would definitely recommend spots in mozambique?

Ben botes

New member
Lewire ek sien ek het jou geignore ek is jammer. Ek moes verkeerde gedruk het. Die vingers is maar dik vir die foon se knoppies. Dit was nie die bedoeling gewees. Vertrou om van jou te hoor. Ben Botes

Ben botes

New member
Goeie more aan varswater Hengel. Bronkhorstspruit dam me. Beste vangste. Baber 18. 5 kg. Carp 12 kg. Geelvis 7.8. Swartbaar 3.5 kg. Ou Renosterkop dam. Kurper 2.5 kg. Die dam het pragtige groot karp en kurper. Hengel gereedskap. Wat ek gebruik wissel tussen. 12vt 10vt en 6vt hang af van omstandighede. Katrolle. Bait Runners. Hoop om jul hengelaars te hoor. Ek maak ook my dips self. Het baie resepte as jul belang stel. Hengel groete Ben Botes.