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Hi Guys

When trying to catch Galjoen in the riffs, i always seem to lose my sinker.

Any advise on this and how to make the best tackle for it?


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Thanks, i'll try it the next time i'm out.

I will keep you posted if it works. It's just a bit frustating losing all my sinkers every time i'm in the reef or rocks.

Tight lines

Many years ago i started making my own sinkers, dont think i have bought a sinker in over 12 years....

I know this does not help you, but my point is that i use a very light sinker line and would rather lose that then lose the rest or a fish and as i dont have to keep buying more sinkers i dont really worry about it that much.


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Hi Jaco


Yeah, you're right. I also bought myself a grabnell mould and at least i don't lose my grabs that often in the surf but this was before knowing how to search the reefs. I'll see if i can get a plain sinker mould. It would not hurt to loose alot then.

Many thanks.


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I'm with Jaco on that one. Chances of getting stuck with or without a fish on is about 7 out of 10 times... As Murphy's law would have it, the line always breaks behind the swivel causing you to lose everything. This is time consuming trying to put everything back everytime, but losing your fish makes it worse... (Time is of essence especially when working the reefs between tides)

Very light sinker line as you dont have to cast too far, atleast you'll only lose sinkers and not you hook, swivel or fish.
Oh, VERY IMPORTANT - when using that thin line for the sinker PLEASE check your sinker line after each cast; before/after putting on your bait just give the sinker a sollid pull. With rock fishing the line gets weak of all the bumps and then as you cast it tends to snap and you could get some real trouble of the reel. This actually causes a lot of entertainment for me and my fishing partner – whenever it happens that one throws a sinker off  you scream SINKER and watch how the other one run! We also call this a Chinaman – we joke that we might be hitting some Chinese bloke sitting at home....

Just for fun


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Snapping off sinkers...? Great way to practice your balancing skills on the reefs while trying to sort out a crows nest...
No problem, but not sure if i will be of much help....

One of De Beers’ x-ray rooms’ lead lining….a lot of lead! I melt it down into “sticks” to clean up the lead and a handful makes close to 200 sinkers.


We also have a lot of old batteries on the farm – not a lot in them, but works.


However, to be honest I pick up more sinkers whilst fishing in Stilbaai/Jongensfontein than what I lose whilst being there.



Guys in the western cape... give this one a look see...


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hi, by die clinic het wickus "***Galjoen*** " die "tube" sinker gewys  met die tou reg deur met n swiwel.. is daar nie n pic van daai erens nie, want ek het dit getry en ek het net 2 sinkers vir n slag verloor ipv 8. daai daai sinker help nogals baie om uit te wikel as die swiwel in alby kante van die sinker kan kom.


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Ek gaan. Terug gaanna spark plugs en n paper clip. Maak die paper clip aan jou sinker lyn vas en glip die sparkies op teen die paperclip. Die paperclip sal vinnig oopbuig as jy vassit.