Fishing the Daisy way


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Thanks a bunch Oom Daisy! This is an amazing article that you put together- definitely cleared up a couple of spots for me!

Can't wait for saturday and some smoothies hopefully- even with the spring tides and the westerly blowing!


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Baie dankie. nou sal ek regkom. Min hengelaars sal soveel moete doen om hengel spots te gee. Duisende dankies!!!!


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yusufisaacs wrote:
i know this is an old topic. But have to thank the initial poster.

fantastic info for an absolute newbie like myself.

The initial poster, Oom Daisy has passed on a few months back, but what a guy!!! I went fishing with him a few times, he really knew that lagoon very well.
Langebaan lagoon has its ups and downs, there's been a few seasons when fishing was poor and others when it was great, the biggest problem there in my opinion is the removal of undersized fish and not adhering to bag limits. Please try to stick to bag limits and regulated fish sizes.