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I am new at this so I hope I am not duplicating a topic. I would just like to express my frustrations with our department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. I am an avid fishermen and partake in many types of fishing. I pay a few hundred Rand every year for licences. I spent almost R400 in December for all the licences to fish the coast and collect bait.

I was robbed about 2 weeks ago and when I visited the post office they told me they do not keep any records. I must phone the department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. When I phoned them they also told me they do not keep record. (t(do(wn)


Neither is prepared to help me even after I went back to the post office. They just said buy a new one. This really go me rev-ed. It is not the money but the poor service :X Even worse. What are they doing with the money we spend? When you phone them and report poaching they take so long to respond it is to late or they just don't respond. vvphov

What a waist of money. Like a sucker I will go and buy a new licence however I hope they guys without licences never get caught and I will never report poaching again. ::craz 

I am all for saving the environment and I practice catch and released in more than 95% off all the fish I catch. But it is just worth trying to speak to the idiots at our department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries or even worse the post office.


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Maybe we should make copies of all the licenses and get them certified by SAPS or commissioner of oath, and then keep the certified copies with us and the originals safe at home.
Surely a certified copy is also a legal document that can prove you paid your dues!?


How about we all stand together and refuse to pay until they can show us how the money is spent??

"People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid their People!"


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For me it's just beyond understanding that a country like Namibia can have there licensing system computerize, but we cant.

Every trip I just gave my ID or passport number, they look up all my particulars & issue a new one.

Easy Peasy:SSS

Meanwhile back home, well lets not go there.


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If people don't complain things like this often get overlooked or neglected.Sometimes they conscientious know how archaic they system is but if know ones complains they don't see the reason why spend money.

just my 2c


Hi. The SA Post Office is providing a 3rd party service in terms of the licenses. The SAPO issues the license on behalf of and pays the money over.

I lost my license and went back to the Summerstrand post office with the date that I had bought the license and they searched the Electronic records on that date and issued me with a copy of the receipt.

It would seem it's more a case of a specific post office or a specific person in the post office that is just lazy

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Good day fellow sealiners.

I love fishing and totally agree with CHRIS VASBYT. I renew my permit anually without questioning where the money is going that all fisherman pay to be able to do what they love doing.

I too were mugged this weekend wimy fishing and bait permit along with my budget for the month. Not so leka feeling right... But the messed up part is i now dont have a budget for the month that did not even start yet. So i went back to the post office where i took out my permits and enquired where to from here and if they can give me a reprint. There answer were no they dont do reprints and i need to take it up with the fisheries which i did and were told that theyre dont do reprints anymore and had to apply for new licence. :X

So this time around it is about the money :? How do i do what i love if i dont have a budget for it?
I am positive that i am not the only one with this dilemma.
Is there anything we can do about this unfairness?


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guys there is a petition to change the Paper Licence to a Plastic Card, check out Sign the petition and spread the word on social media! :)


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There is also a FAQ page,

If we all get behind this, we can implement an online system :)

kom nou kerels!
the government need to fund those expensive parties!

so pay up! bootjies

just make copies of them, certify them.
and remember a copy of your id too!

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Good morning Stuart88

Thanks a million for that link. Petition signed_seal1_

I am sure all replies are due to some sort of frustration and are can tell that are a perfectly good reason to their replies. :)

The best thing to do is to pay our dues BUT also voice our rights...