FG Braid knot


Side-by-side for comparison. The fg knot is equally effective in light and heavy set-ups. The key is to tension the knot really well, you want to pull almost to the breaking strain of the braid to ensure you seat the knot properly.

Note the mono tag ends - I was lazy and burnt it with a regular lighter. I'd normally use a bouz to get much closer to the braid, but even with the lazy finish on these knots I'd fish them with confidence.


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I believe it does, though I've never tried it.

I think one should opt for the slightly more supple rather than the very hard flouro.


You can use it in mono to mono connections, increase the wraps to 20 and you have to finish with a rizutto, half hitches will simply unravel within a couple of casts.

I've heard of guys using it in fluoro as well, I don't fish fluoro, so I can't tell if it would work or not. I suspect it will not work as well with as mono, due to fluoro being harder, but that's an educated guess at best.