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Hi all,
The BYC has expelled Mr. Hadley Biggar, ID 810225 5085 082, who was arrested with 119 shad on board (before the season opened). Furthermore his boat, Blue Horizon, did not have a current CoF (inspection refused due to his owing the BYC a considerable amount of money) and he was not night rated (he launched at night). The 3 other crew members were Mr. Myeron Subroyen, ID 930111 1542 086, Mr. Diego Missio, ID 821025 5241 082 and Mr. Eugene Pillay, ID 860612 5244 083. These people all pleaded guilty to the offence.
Such behaviour places our sport in jeopardy and the reason for advising you of this is that they may request membership of your clubs / organisations. I would appreciate your passing this message onto clubs whose email addresses I do not have.

Thanks and best regards,
Pat Kamerman
Bluff Yacht Club