Dropshot rod: 1-3oz or 1-4oz

musto 07

Hi guys I'm looking at getting a rod dedicated to artificial lure angling - specifically targeting kob on paddletail from the rocks and surf. My question is: is it necessary to have a rod that can throw 4oz or is a 1-3oz rod fine? I'm looking at the Penn Regiment 2 11ft. and it comes in the 11ft. 1-3oz option as well as the 11ft. 1-4oz. Please advise which is best suited. Will most likely pair it with a Penn Slammer 4500
It all depends on what you will be gooing.

i think the regiment comes in 1-3 and 2-4 ounce rods.

the 2-4 is stiffer so less tip action exerted on the lure.

the 4ounce allows you to gooi bigger plugs.

but on the slammer 4500 the 2-4 might be a better option