Does anybody has knowledge of African or a Norther


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Does anybody has knowledge of African or a Northern  fresh water Pike ?  Can it be populated in South Africa.
Why there are non of them in SA waters ?

Would they survive in smaller private dams and what other fish spices are needed for them to eat.


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Hello D5, When I lived in the UK I spent almost all of my free time Fresh water Fishing. My target species were Pike and Perch. As Perch tended to be a Shoal fish it was far easier to catch these using conventional methods. Pike fishing was much more difficult and the prefered methods at that time were either live or dead bait float fishing. ABU spoons or spinners sometimes produced but the thrill of watching a "Pike Bung" ( Same Float used for Shad/Elf ) running away and then sinking was a real Adrenelin rush. Most of the time we only caught "Jacks" which were small male Pike of up to about 4 or 5 Kg. Females get much bigger to around 30Kg + I think. The fight from Jacks on light tackle is pretty spectacular though usually shortlived. Perch however on a small spoon give a much better fight.

I think I read somewhere recently that there are Pike in SA though I can't remember where.

Pike will inflict as much damage to your fingers or hand as a Tiger if you are not careful when unhooking them.



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Hi Float Fisher

I am also from Europe - ex Yugoslavia. I Fished there good 15 years - now 20 years fishing in SA.   Nothing replaces 7 kg pike ( my biggest)  on the run . No fresh water fish gives that kick in a first minute.  Jumping like a marlin out of water - shaking head to get lure off while putting your tackle to maximum strain  -  pure adrenalin rush......

The closest match to that fearsome fight  I experienced was a Tiger fish.

I refreshed pike fishing memories few months ago while visiting Serbia. Friend took me for fishing and we caught few pikes - the biggest was 1.8 kg .  But even smaller once gave us such a run. That is why I am asking why there is no pike in SA.
It is very hardy and adaptive fish by far more then a Tiger.
Lots of Trout dams but no pike - what a pity.

 I know that in Botswana you can fish them but different specimen - African Pike - much smaller.

We also had Perch in Yugoslavia but the biggest we get was 600gr and remember they were great fighters too.


Many years back they tried introducing Pike along with Tench and Perch into South African waters.

They were put into selected water in the Cape. The Pike is less adaptive than the Carp and even Perch. The perch are still found in a few Western Cape waters and a lot of them in Florida lake where they are commonly caught over 1kg

The pike never adapted as the water is to warm just as smallmouth bass are essentially only found in the Olifants system in the Western Cape and you would be in serious trouble if you considered putting pike in the Olifants

Try your hand at Tiger's they are stronger, faster more aggressive and have a lot more stamina than a pike does


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I agree , I only fished twice at Jozini and biggest was 2.4 kg caught from boat trolling.
Last trip to Jozini for 3 days produced only two Tigers - small.

The point is:  How far you have to travel and at what cost to do Tiger fishing these days.

At least I found from Enigma that there were tries to introduce the Pike in CT, it looks that  the climate isn't right for them .
Thanks everybody for info !


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Stick with jozini I have had many blanks there but when its firing make sure ur pacemaker is working. Last year we fished three days with nothing on the last night and morning triple hook ups were the order of the day ! Would love to catch a pike though beautifal looking fish