CLUB MARITIMO 5th Deep Sea Competition


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And this is the winning team for the day @ Clube Maritimo bill fish Competion.
Aboard ( Number 1 )we released a 200 # black marlin a 500 # blue marlin and a sailfish. Will post the pictures and videos soon. Congratulation guys, we did it. What an amazing day. Record for Maputo....
Maritimo Maritimo esta me a ouvir beeeeim?? Yassin tu ñ tens Juizo mesmo hihihihi... — with Alexandre Pais, Bino Nordine, Peter Silva and Yassin Nordine.


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Serra Moz

Scoreboard? Hopefully I can come in as a wild card next year........the Dark Horse! my problem is I will not be able to do all the comps as for working abroad.

Did Deon (Wizard) fish? Or did go with other teams?


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Manuel fished on FISHERMANS TALES last Saturday -
FLOTEX is the best -
they put a special thin rubber under the carpet now that makes it soft to walk on -
please read your PM on Facebook -
it is very important