Christmas Classic Bay Fishing Competition


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Bobbies and KZN Light Tackle are hosting the Christmas Classic Bay Fishing Competition on Sunday 4th December in Durban Bay.
Over R500 000.00 worth of prizes up for grabs including a Yamaha endorsed Explorer 465 with a 40Hp Yamaha on a trailer fully rigged.
There is a mystery fish...which wins you a GWM Steed 5 Double Cab 4 x 4.
The comp is open to all boat and fishing ski anglers.
Entry forms available here ,on KZNLTBAA website or contact Brett 073 104 2395


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Went to the comp .
I was quit dissapointed as on Friday night they where going on on the length of the fish,but come price giving there where no mention of length but weight only.
I wasn't in the run for any price, but for me its very fishy as nobody can appeal to weight as it was in the hand of the promoters.
Also the comp stoped at 11 in the morning (silly time) and the price giving started late afternoon.
Hallo ,but what can you do beside drinking at the venue spending more money in the pockets of the wrong people.
Its not the money but what a long wait .
Wont see me in 2013


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Good point, prize giving started at 4pm and lasted forever! Think it took about 3 hours?!
Most big comps will have the prize giving start much later.
Couta classic, lines up at 2pm on the Sunday, lucky if prize giving starts at 6pm, usually 7pm.
Billfish ended at 3pm, prize giving started at 8pm.
We normally use this opportunity to rinse our boats and change before the prize giving. You don't have to drink... Although, it's not a bad idea! LOL


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Any idea who won the comp? Did anyone win the mystery prize?
I fished the comp. in 2010 and yes, I did win a case of beer lol with the 1.4kg spotted grunter that I had caught.
The prize giving usually starts late and its a social event. Enjoy it and move with the flow ::S


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Anybody know where i can get entry forms and the date of this years christmas classic?
Also what are the rules in terms of fishing vessel in the bay or no fishing vessel? This would obviously be my first classic :ifishin