Chelmsford dam


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Please could anyone tell me about the dam and how it fishes and what works for the barbel and bass, i have fished all over the vaal and kzn dam just not this one, im not feeling to confident as ive been told there is alot of small fish there, i dont mind the small fish as i would use them as bait but i dont wanna be stuck catching just small fish. if anyone could tell me of a spot to fish there and what baits work and what style. i will be going for all species not just bass and barbel as its not for sure that they will be on the bite. any help and info would be greatly appreciated..... please PM me many thanks


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Hi Stubob
Chelmsford does have lots of small fish and they even some times irretate us because they won't pull your line and when you want to re-bait you find a little scaly on your line, Bass fishing is another subject, I believe that there is or can be Bass in the dam and I have heard of people talking about catching bass there but for us in Newcastle it is not really even heard of that people go to Chelmsford for bass fishing that is a carp, babel and lots of small fish destination. Don't let me put you off the venue I still go there every chance for Carp fishing and love the place, I had to learn how to bait my lines so the smaller fish don't byte and yes it can be slow if you do not know the water. Bass can probably be found at the mouth of the river and in the small streams all around the dam, here in newcastle I fish the streams for bass with great success almost all the streams have bass in them and my favorite spots are the ones just next to the road, where you least expect it and we have found some monsters there.

hope you enjoyed chelmsford i know this is a bit late but i just joined the forum and only saw your post now.