Casting clinic

Just a thought. Can't we organize a casting clinic where some of the senior guys help okes with their casting technique? I for one am always looking to improve my casting. Maybe we can organice a day and help each other and some of the new guys aswell does not matter if you are a pro or a newbe?

The guys in JHB must help with this one, don't know the area well. Maybe a dam or a sport field. Does not look to good to actualy happen as there is a very poor response to this idea


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More se. Die beste opsie is om die Casting Clinic by n dam te hou. Die rede daarvoor is dat dit die plek is waar n mens hengel. Want jy gaan gooi in die natuurlikke omstandighede soos wind, trekking van water en al die ander dinge. Die kliniek moet met voer bolle gedoen word. Ek sal inwees om te kan help met so n kliniek Groete
Thanks guys for the replies, Now we must set out to get this organised. This will not be just for fresh or just salt water. I think both of them could be covered in this.


Secondly. Where in JHB can we have something like this. I am staying in sasolburg so the nearest dam is vaal dam, I think it would be better to have something like this up in JHB where teir can be a bigger attendance,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if held at vaaldam ill be castin alone hehehehehehe.



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ALso keen on learning. Will also bring some others to learn new techniques.


Great Idea!!!!!!